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4th Grade

                                                                                                        4th Grade 

Anyone who is going into 4th grade will love it. In 4th grade you do a lot of fun things including revolutionary war book, current events, and colonial time things. All of these things are fun and interesting things that you will do in 4th grade. One of the most important things that you need to do in 4th grade is to have a lot of fun with everything that you will do in 4th grade.

When you are in 4th grade you will do a lot of fun things, but one of the most fun things is the American Revaluation books. In the American Revaluation books you will learn and write all about the revolutionary war, and how we got our independence. This was one of the most fun things because we got the draw and express our feelings about the revolutionary war, and how we got our independence. We started out with assigned things to research, but then we went our own ways and all ended up with great books about the revolutionary war.

If you now news, then you now that the quickest why to get it is by a article. Well another way to get news is by your fellow classmates. So we desisted that we had a number order that every day in number order that we would go on places that have articles and write about it and report it to our class. We all did a great job so I think that you will too. It was a fun and entertaining way to get to now the news for whats up in the world.

As you might now way before modern days we had colonial times and those days were very hard you had to make everything and about everyone was a farmer. So we did a project with the green screen and that was super fun. I think you will like it too.

All of these things were fun things that we did in 4th grade and I hope that you will like them too! Tell me in the comments what you think about 4th grade and what you think about my post! Thank you for reading my post!


Current Events


Temporary Life-size Candy Land Delights Fans at California’s Santa Monica Pier                                                                                                             

Sourse Dogonews 

Summery – Did you now that April 5th was National Caramel day? Well it was! Sense caramel is a sweet they decided to make a life-size candyland board game. The fun and entertaining life-size board game was created because there is this company that sells caramel and it is called “ Werther’s Original” they want people to remember these original flavors and to enjoy them. This was open for only a day though. It was open from 10am to 6pm. To get in, it was free! WOW, and they even had free samples of the caramel flavors there were different stations and at each station there was a different prize, that was one of them. Another one was were there was a chocolate lake and you had to fish in it to get your prize. That sounds like fun.


Now let’s talk about the board game, candyland. The person who created it there name was, Eleanor Abbott, she was retired school teacher. She made candy land in 1948. She made candyland in the hospital! WOW! As soon as people started buying it, it was a hit. The marden game of it is different, but it is still a hit. It is one of the world”s most popular board games. It sells more than one million copies a year! WOW! That is a lot.



Personal response – I chose this article because I like candy land and it is a good board game. If you have not played it yet you should go and play it! When I read this article I was fascinated by how people could make a board game in the hospital! That just goes to show you can do whatever you put your mind to! The board game that she made also made the hospital kids happy! It is a double win. For her and the hospital kids. Do you want to make a board game when you grow up? I want to make kids happy so yes! What do you think


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Me and Cami

Do you and your friends have anything in common?  Well me and Cami do! Me and Cami are like milk and cookies, sweet, and go good with each other. Me and Cami are alike because, We both like school, We both love sugar. Most of all because we have been through hard times (sometimes together.)

The first reason me and Cami are alike is that we both like school. School is sometimes hard, but overall it is fun. I like the projects a lot and so does Cami, we also like, specials like art, spanish and some other specials. A project in school that I liked was in third grade we each chose a word and we had to do pictures and a poster on the word, and what it the word meant. My word was Love. Love was so fun to do I got a heart shaped poster and got a lot of pictures it was so fun after we presented them to the class Mrs. Boyum (my third grade teacher) Asked if she could keep a couple to share to the future classes I raised my hand so did some other people, but only mine and a friend of mine got chosen. Me and Cami do not, not like school. Me and Cami can be alsike. Me and Cami are good friends.  

Me and Cami both love sugar. I am called Sugar, but she also likes sugar. We like desserts, candy, and other sugary things. We have both been to The Sugar Factory, and bakeries, and Peachwave. One time I went to The Sugar Factory was when it was my brothers birthday. On my brothers birthday they gave us this delicious Ice cream Sundae though it was not my birthday it was still very good. I want to go back there again!

Me and Cami both have a sweet tooth. Me and Cami would both eat candy every time we want if we could. Me and Cami go to a lot of Sugary places.

Even though me and Cami have both like school, and we both love sugar. The most important reason that me and Cami are alike is that me and Cami have been through hard times, and one of them we went through a hard time together. We were getting lunch together and, I know what I was getting cheese pizza. So we went up and got our lunches and I saw my label, and it didn’t say cheese pizza it said, Tuckey and cheese sandwich, Cami also knew she was getting cheese pizza and her bag aso said, Tuckey and cheese sandwich. We were both upset that we didn’t get what our Mom’s told us we got, but at least there was a cookie. I was still in the line so I asked the lady,”my mom said i got cheese pizza, but my bag says I get turkey and cheese sandwich.” She said,” that you get whatever it says on the bag.” I was so upset, but I knew I had a cookie in there, so I went to my seat and ate the cookie, but I was still hungry and so was Cami, and we don’t like there turkey and cheese sandwich. So we asked the ade,”  Can we go to the office and call our moms. The ade said,”Yes.”So we went up to the office. The office didn’t let us call our moms, but it did let us talk to coach. Coach said that we couldn’t change what we got and that she couldn’t do anything about it. So we went down back to the Cafeteria and I ended up just eating Veggie Straws and a cookie. Me and Cami are not perfect. Me and Cami like the same foods. Me and Cami go with each other a lot of places.

Me and Cami both like school. Me and Cami both like sugar. Most importantly, we have been through hard times (sometimes together.) Me and Cami are great friends that is just some ways me and cami are alike, there are other ways. You can switch us around anyway you want, but it doesn’t matter because however hard you try me and Cami will always be a perfect match! Friends we are!

Current Event

Title What the future holds


Source Scholastic News Kids Press Corps


Article Date 3/27/18

Summary Vinay and his friends entered a future contest called, The Future City Competition. This competition has been going on for 26 years. This year’s future assignment was “ The Age-Friendly City.” This designing competition requests skill and imagination. You had to make a city that older people can live in. Only grade six – eight can enter. 44,000 people entered, but only a few people got chosen for the finals, gratefully vinay and his team were one of them. The finals were held in Washington D.C. First place went to “Halona.” That was Vinay’s team! When Vinay got asked a question after he won, one of his answers were,” Not only does it teach you engineering, but it also teaches you qualities that you need in life, like public speaking, leadership skills, and teamwork.” for winning 1st place Vinay and his crew got a free trip to U.S. Space Camp and $7,500 for their schools STEM program.


Personal Response I chose this article because I like the future, and to me the future sounds better then now. I think this article matters because the future might hold bad or good things, so it is important to get a sense of what the future holds.



What do you think your future holds? #future #foxmeadowpride @scalasticnewskidspresscorps

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