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Dip Into Greatness When You’re at the Melting Pot

Are you ready to taste the greatness? If you are, go to the Melting Pot. At the Melting Pot you can cook your own food or dip things into cheese or chocolate fondue of your choice because it is mainly a fondue restaurant. This restaurant deserves 5 stars . The hours are: 5 pm-10 pm on Mondays-Thursdays, 5 pm -11 pm on Fridays, and 12 pm- 11 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. It has a menu that is a little different. Customers can pick a full meal with an option of a main course which is called the “Four Course Experience.” Customers can also order things separately, so they can pick which ones they want. The most customers will pay for the “Four Course Experience” is $50 and the least they can pay is $40.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who asks because it’s really fun and all the waiters are really funny. The last time I ate at the Melting Pot, my waiter’s name was Andre and he always said, “Never fear, Andre’s here.” It takes a long time to finish cooking, but the food always comes right away. It takes a long time because each person can only cook two things at once and each piece of food can take up to two and a half minutes. There is a timer on their website. The atmosphere there is really cheerful, and it is a good place to have a family dinner or a birthday party. For a customer’s birthday, there is a television at the front door that will show a birthday message to the person who is celebrating.

The only time that it is loud is when people are singing happy birthday. Customers don’t have to dress fancy, but I recommend not wearing a t-shirt. It is kid friendly and I really love this restaurant. I would definitely go back and would eat there every night if I could!

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