The First Arrest

(The following is is a blurb from my first narrative)

All of a sudden the shrill of a woman’s voice pierced the air. It’s force so strong it almost shoved me into the water. I was off balance twisting and turning keeping myself from the water when a hand grabbed my wrist. Then it was time for me to let out a shrill of my own. Luckily it was only my brother, Adam. Then we both turned around to see where the first shrill had come from. There was no woman on the water beyond the rock, in the trees on shore, or on the rock with us. I wished that she was and that she wasn’t at the same time. I wished she wasn’t because she sounded angry and I didn’t want her to take her anger out on Adam and I. This made my curiosity to see her grow even more. Even so, I chose to have her stay where she was, but that didn’t matter because it wasn’t my choice. So her shrill just kept getting louder.

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I will be blogging soon. Bye.


One thought on “The First Arrest

  1. Hi Hannah

    I really like your post. You started right in the middle of the rising action and once I was done I wanted to click the link so much. The way you wrote it leaves so much suspense that it almost forces the reader to click to read the rest. If they don’t they are crazy. Also the story on the link is really well written. I wonder how I would have felt in that position. I either would have screamed or ran for my life. Great post.


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