Who Needs the Beach

( If you haven’t read my last two posts you should because it will help you understand better.)

Besides the beach in Costa Rica we also went to a completely different environment, the rainforest. On the drive from one hotel to the other we stopped for White Water Rafting. The rafting was harder than what we expected. For example we were beginners and going down twelve and five foot drops and going completely under water when we hit the surface.

At the hotel in the rainforest we went on ziplines, a hike in the rainforest, and went in hot water springs. There were six huge ziplings that you go flying down. I had a blast.on the hike we saw a giant waterfall and hanging bridges which are bridges the sway side to side as you walk on them.

The hot water springs are naturally heated flowing water. The water in our hotels springs came from the volcano it is located near. The springs had many waterfalls and the higher the spring the hotter the water was.

2 thoughts on “Who Needs the Beach

  1. Hi Hannah,
    Your trip to Costa Rico sounds like it was tons of fun. That is crazy how the waters springs can heat them self. When you went on the hike in the rainforest did you see any animals? The white water rafting sounds so cool, but scary. Its crazy that you went on a 12 foot drop and you were just beginners. Was it your first time water rafting?

  2. I like how you posted three pictures, and I also think that the rainforest looks really cool and beautiful. But I think the beach isn’t slightly better than the rainforest.

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