( Today I am working with another kindergarten as well. His name is Karl as well as Logan.)

Karl’s story is called skiing and it is a story on him skiing. Karl wen’t skiing and had lots of fun. He had a coach and went all the way on top of the mountain. Karl’s favorite part is when he says he went skiing for the first time and his coach told him to be brave. Karl’s choose to write this story because he just recently went skiing. Karl spent a lot of time on drawing. He used so many colors and people. I really love Karl’s writing so much.


Logan’s story is  about when she went to the carnival. Logan’s favorite ride is she when she went bungee jumping. Logan’s second favorite ride was the high swings.  Logan says that, “She isn’t proud because she was never scared.” They were for big kids and she should be proud of it but she isn’t because she is very modest. My favorite page is the page that is in the picture. It is so beautiful and colorful. Logan also recently went to this carnival in Florida when she was there over break. I love Logan writing so much and it is amazing.

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  1. dm
    February 15, 2018 at 12:13 am

    Dear Hannah,
    I really liked learning about your buddy’s story. It was very good. And I agree with Logan that my favorite ride is the bungee jumping. What would your favorite ride be?

    Karls story was also very good, especially the illustrations. I personally don’t like skiing that much, mostly because I hate the cold. Why were you working with both Karl and Logan? Bye!


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