My Weird Vacation

Hi guys, I just got back from my vacation and I am telling you it was really weird. I went from less than 0º degress to 78º. This was because we went skiing in Dear Valley then went to Duke to visit my brother. We had so much fun skiing. The first day I didn’t have a good instructer but the person I had for days 2 and 3 made up for it. he helped me go from some steep blues seeming hard to doing black dimonds with moguls and trees. I called him Neil thebanana peel. After three long days of skiing we took a flight to Duke.  We didn’t  see my brother because of pledging a frat. That was fine because we saw him the next day. The next day we went to a Duke basketball game and had amazing seats. we were so close to the court and I got to sit next to my brother. I had and amazing vacation did you? Did you stay home or go away? Tell me what you did in the comments!




One thought on “My Weird Vacation

  1. Hi Hannah!
    I went away to Mexico over the vacation. Even though you said your vacation was weird it still sounded fun. You are so good at skiing! Was going on the black diamonds with moguls scary? The basketball game sounded so cool because you were so close to the court!

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