Human or Animal Rights Day?

HI guys,

On Human Rights Day a jewelry maker came in during Technology and talked about a new kind of ivory she uses. This ivory has very similar qualities to elephant ivory but doesn’t require elephants to be killed. This kind of ivory is made from nuts that grow in rainforests. Using plant ivory isn’t only a way to save elephants but it can save rain forests too. If people can harvest this nut from the rainforests why would they want to cut the rain forest down.

To get animal ivory many elephants are killed every year. Do you agree with me that elephants should be saved. Well the jewlery designer Ms. Moore decided to do something about it. After doing research she started to use plant ivory. This helped her very much because elephant ivory is illegal in the US. How can you manle a difference? Well start by thinking about something that you are really passionate about. For Ms. Moore this is jewlery. Then think about how it could be even better. If you cannot make this change by your self you can create a club or talk to someone who can help spread the word about trying to make a change. Tell me how you want to and are trying to make a difference. Every effort counts!

Learning about this has sparked a project for us in Technology. I am so excited because we get to make jewlery. We are making jewlery from old clothes, toys, etc. I hope that I can make a necklace along with a bracelet. I have a feeling that this project will be really fun!

I will be blogging soon. Bye.


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