My Experience

During technology and woodworking at camp I have built many things. One of the most impressing things I built is a horse attached to a buggy. It took me two summers at camp, which may seem like a long time but it was basically fourteen hours. I wanted to make this project because I was […]


Hi guys, In class we were given 6 cardboard boxes that when you spun a handle something happened. In each box something different happened such as a flag spinning, poping up and down, multiple things moving, ect. Without knowing how the boxes worked we had to draw our ideas. These types of boxes are called […]

Seeing in the Dark

Hi guys, I just wanted to share my diagram for our new project, flashlights! Our challenge is to make a waterproof flashlight that can fit in a 7.75 inch by 6 inch by 6.25 inch box with the lid closed. My flashlight is going to have a few special features. It will have a grip […]

My Finished Switches

Hi Guys, I finally finished the switches I have been talking about! These switches were inspired by self driving cars. A sensor on top of the car tells the car when to stop or turn depending on the objects in its way. We are going to use the switches we built to direct and imaginary […]

Solder Basketball

Hi again. I just wanted to show you a project I have been working on. It is a solder person. My solder person is made from brass wire and solder. The person is mainly made from the wire but all of the parts are held together with solder. Solder is a metal that you use […]


Hi guys, This is my intro to circuits. I am making some out of cardboard and tinfoil, but they are not finished. This is one that I built using a blade switch, wires, lightbulb, and a battery. Are you wondering why circuits work…Circuits work because electrons want to get from one side of the battery […]

Human or Animal Rights Day?

HI guys, On Human Rights Day a jewelry maker came in during Technology and talked about a new kind of ivory she uses. This ivory has very similar qualities to elephant ivory but doesn’t require elephants to be killed. This kind of ivory is made from nuts that grow in rainforests. Using plant ivory isn’t […]

Atoms Not Adams

Have you ever heard of atoms? Well you might be thinking about your friend named Adam but that is not what I am talking about. Atoms are actually so much smaller than your friend Adam. Atoms are so small they actually are in you friend Adam. Atoms are part of molecules which are also very […]