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Get Hooked On After-School Programs

Many after-school programs in America are providing important services to children who need them most.  These after-school programs are giving kids role models, enrichment, and safety that these children desperately need and may not get elsewhere.

America needs after-school programs because many communities have a lot of underprivileged children that face challenges. Their families have less access to resources, which means that they cannot afford to send their children to expensive tutors and activities after school. Both parents often work and they cannot afford a babysitter, so children often are stuck at home by themselves in the after-school hours. No one is there to help with schoolwork or to provide encouragement.  These low-income communities often have high rates of crime and violence, so children who have no place to go after school might be unsafe or might get involved in crimes or other troublesome behavior.

After-school programs help fix these problems by giving underprivileged children a safe place to go and worthwhile activities to participate in. The programs provide helpful things to the children including help with schoolwork, role models, encouragement, and interesting and fun activities. They have been proven to help more children graduate from high school and go to college and to help decrease school absences and high school dropouts. They have also given children many skills they need for life. After-school programs play an important role in the lives of the children who go to them. The Boys and Girls Club of Mount Vernon alone has help many kids succeed. Some of its children went to the NBA and Denzel Washington (a famous actor) also went there.

73% of low-income members ages 12 to 17 who attend the Club regularly say they earn mostly As and Bs, compared with 69% of low-income youth nationally

How To Help

The after-school programs charge families very little and sometimes no money to participate. Most of them rely on donations, volunteers and other funding. Many people give a lot of their time and money to after-school programs. They help underprivileged children feel encouragement, safety, and happiness that everyone should feel throughout their lives. If you would like to donate, or help out a the after-school programs in Mount Vernon, they are really appreciative. You can donate supplies that they need, your time and anything else.


Here are the websites to go to if you would like to volunteer:

Why Strong After-School Programs Matter In Low Income Areas

Hi Guys,

There are many reasons that low income communities are helped by after-school programs. After-school programs help prevent latch key children, unsupervised children, juvenile crime, and excessive screen usage. After-school programs give kids homework help and life skills that they may not get at home.  The younger children get help with homework and get to do a fun activity. At most clubs teens do those things too but they also learn about life skills (like dealing with money and staying out of crime). For example at the Boys and Girls Club of Mount Vernon the teen have their own room. They are able to help the younger kids with their homework, do their own, learn life lessons, and just talk with their friends. The younger kids do their homework and then get to go through many wonderful activities. The club is a great place for all kids just like all other after-school programs. Kids enjoy it as well,they get an encouraging environment and have even said that  they don’t want to go home which is good and bad at the same time. It is good because they are having a good time, but it is bad because things might not be good at home.

Bye guys I will be blogging about this more. I hope you find it as interesting as I do!

Here are a few websites and videos that I really liked that I thought you might like too.

My New Interest

Hi guys,

I have recently been looking into a problem that we are having in America, especially in cities. It is what kids do after-school. I am looking at what programs are available and why this is needed in a town near by, Mount Vernon, Ny.

The town of Mount Vernon is very mixed. Upper Mount Vernon is very well off while Lower Mount Vernon has a lot of crime and poverty. I am looking at Lower Mount Vernon. I am learning about the lack of resources and why after-school programs are so important there. I will be blogging about this more in the future.

-Make sure to comment any questions. Be back soon. Peace out 🙂

P.S.  Remember my article about gaga.  Well someone from that meeting put in a gaga pit in one of these after-school clubs!

My Weird Vacation

Hi guys, I just got back from my vacation and I am telling you it was really weird. I went from less than 0º degress to 78º. This was because we went skiing in Dear Valley then went to Duke to visit my brother. We had so much fun skiing. The first day I didn’t have a good instructer but the person I had for days 2 and 3 made up for it. he helped me go from some steep blues seeming hard to doing black dimonds with moguls and trees. I called him Neil thebanana peel. After three long days of skiing we took a flight to Duke.  We didn’t  see my brother because of pledging a frat. That was fine because we saw him the next day. The next day we went to a Duke basketball game and had amazing seats. we were so close to the court and I got to sit next to my brother. I had and amazing vacation did you? Did you stay home or go away? Tell me what you did in the comments!





( Today I am working with another kindergarten as well. His name is Karl as well as Logan.)

Karl’s story is called skiing and it is a story on him skiing. Karl wen’t skiing and had lots of fun. He had a coach and went all the way on top of the mountain. Karl’s favorite part is when he says he went skiing for the first time and his coach told him to be brave. Karl’s choose to write this story because he just recently went skiing. Karl spent a lot of time on drawing. He used so many colors and people. I really love Karl’s writing so much.


Logan’s story is  about when she went to the carnival. Logan’s favorite ride is she when she went bungee jumping. Logan’s second favorite ride was the high swings.  Logan says that, “She isn’t proud because she was never scared.” They were for big kids and she should be proud of it but she isn’t because she is very modest. My favorite page is the page that is in the picture. It is so beautiful and colorful. Logan also recently went to this carnival in Florida when she was there over break. I love Logan writing so much and it is amazing.

It’s a New Year

As you all know last night was New Years Eve. last night was an amazing night for me. Me and my family went to The Melting pot which is my favorite restaurant ever, I even wrote a post on it. At The Melting Pot you either are dipping things in fondue or cooking your own food. after we ate me and my parents went to go see the new Star Wars movie. we were there until eleven forty-five and we got home less than two minutes before the ball drop.

Who Needs the Beach

( If you haven’t read my last two posts you should because it will help you understand better.)

Besides the beach in Costa Rica we also went to a completely different environment, the rainforest. On the drive from one hotel to the other we stopped for White Water Rafting. The rafting was harder than what we expected. For example we were beginners and going down twelve and five foot drops and going completely under water when we hit the surface.

At the hotel in the rainforest we went on ziplines, a hike in the rainforest, and went in hot water springs. There were six huge ziplings that you go flying down. I had a blast.on the hike we saw a giant waterfall and hanging bridges which are bridges the sway side to side as you walk on them.

The hot water springs are naturally heated flowing water. The water in our hotels springs came from the volcano it is located near. The springs had many waterfalls and the higher the spring the hotter the water was.

A Costa Rican Sunset

( I just got back from Costa Rica, if you haven’t read my last post it will give you some more information to help you understand more.)

When we were on the boat we got an amazing sunset. It was even at the perfect time of five thirty on the dot. The sun set over the horizon with mountains on either side. Even after the sun set so many colors still lit up the sky.

The Animals of Costa Rica

(Hi everyone, I just got back from Costa Rica and I thought I would tell you a little bit about my experience there.)

In Costa Rica there were many animals both in the water and on land. Their were monkeys, jellyfish, starfish, dolphins, iguanas, fish, many bugs, and three sharks.

The monkeys were on the beach right over my head. It was a family passing through there was nine of them in total. They stayed there two days climbing trees, getting separated because they were afraid, and then coming back together.

The jellyfish made the water almost unbearable the day we went on the boat. I was swimming to shore so I could eat lunch and I kept getting tiny stings although I thought it was just salt in my cuts but I didn’t have cuts,. I continued swimming, following Adam when he screamed, “Ow” and then a second later I felt it to as my whole arm plunged into the water only to get stung by a giant jellyfish,

I encountered the jellyfish again when we went snorkeling. I wanted to go in really badly to see the sharks but the secondI got in the jellyfish were back so I quickly scrambled back out. When my brother, Daniel saw the sharks he screamed shark and Josh started swimming back to the boat as fast as he could. At the end of snorkeling the instructor brought a starfish back to the so I could hold it in my hand.

When we started out on the boat we saw some dolphins. They had come out to play, they played in the waves, jumping around, and swimming all around our boat.

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