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Logan’s Wonderous Art

This is Logan’s sculpture her brother is on the left and she is on the right

( If you do not know who Logan is you can read the post Logan and her bow.)

This is a sculpture  that Logan has made. She is not completely done with it but it is amazing anyway. Logan wants to add a baseball bat and she will add that later. Logan is an amazing artist with so many wonderful creations. Logan is always positive as she works on art. She never gives up on an idea or plan that she has. She is always experimenting new things. She has a different style than most people and I really love that about her art. Logan has put so much time and love into this sculpture that it makes it that much more special. I hope you enjoyed Logan’s art as much as I did. Remember she is only in kindergarten and she has such a wonderful creation.

Logan and her Bow

( I have a buddy Logan, she is in Kindergarten. Here are somethings I think are really cute  about her.)

Logan has a little bow, it is purple and she wears it everyday. Sometimes she has a necklace, Mr. B says that she that Logan has all the bling. Logan’s bow is purple ( which I think is her favorite color) and small.

Logan also loves to listen. She always listens to her teachers and is a very good student. She persists when things don’t go her way. Logan is also very talkative but only at the right time. She doesn’t talk when others are talking and only talks when you talk to her or tell her to talk.

Logan loves to make sure everyone knows who came up with an idea. Once her friend came up with a new reading power and she kept telling me that it was her friend over and over.

 Logan has really grown as a reader this year. Once she was reading to me and got better at her snap words in one minute. (snap words are words that she should know.) 

Logan has great ideas about everything. Once we had read a book and then a week later we read the same book again and she had a completely different idea on why so many  baby animals are called calves.

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