My Weird Vacation

Hi guys, I just got back from my vacation and I am telling you it was really weird. I went from less than 0º degress to 78º. This was because we went skiing in Dear Valley then went to Duke to visit my brother. We had so much fun skiing. The first day I didn’t […]

It’s a New Year

As you all know last night was New Years Eve. last night was an amazing night for me. Me and my family went to The Melting pot which is my favorite restaurant ever, I even wrote a post on it. At The Melting Pot you either are dipping things in fondue or cooking your own […]

Who Needs the Beach

( If you haven’t read my last two posts you should because it will help you understand better.) Besides the beach in Costa Rica we also went to a completely different environment, the rainforest. On the drive from one hotel to the other we stopped for White Water Rafting. The rafting was harder than what […]

A Costa Rican Sunset

( I just got back from Costa Rica, if you haven’t read my last post it will give you some more information to help you understand more.) When we were on the boat we got an amazing sunset. It was even at the perfect time of five thirty on the dot. The sun set over […]

The Animals of Costa Rica

(Hi everyone, I just got back from Costa Rica and I thought I would tell you a little bit about my experience there.) In Costa Rica there were many animals both in the water and on land. Their were monkeys, jellyfish, starfish, dolphins, iguanas, fish, many bugs, and three sharks. The monkeys were on the […]