Say Hello to Hannah

Basketball in the Snow

I am from my family. My dad and mom’s sides of the family. I am from my mom, my dad, my three brothers, and my grandparents. I am from them all a little bit each. I am from their love that we share as one. I am from my family because without them I would not be who I am.

I am from my summers at Camp Taconic. I am from staying up late while talking with my friends when we aren’t allowed to. I am from all the activities that we travel through, all the way from ropes to waterfront. I am from my counselors who never fail to make my bunk mates and me laugh. I am from keeping candy past visiting day and sleeping through the morning bell. I am from my summer home.

I am from the Berkshires in Massachusetts. I am from the lake. From tubing with my brothers or water skiing with everyone cheering me on. I am from camp fires and the stories we tell. I am from ice fishing in winter as well as normal fishing in the summer. I am from flying down a hill on a sled with my brother right next to me.

I am from Orleans, Cape Cod. I am from its beaches with their barbecues and waves. I am from the pinching crabs scurrying past my feet, too fast to catch. I am from walking all the way out at low tide, then running off back through the water to play until it was too dark.

I am from flying through my house at the first snowfall. I am from cuddling up with my family next to me as we watch a movie. I am from playing basketball outside in the snow and ice. I am from not spending every moment thinking about my brothers about to leave for college, again.

I am from Camp Taconic, the Berkshires, Orleans, and my house. But what really makes me me are my amazing friends and family and the memories we make wherever we go. The memories that I will remember forever.

I will be blogging soon. Bye.



Hi I am back! This summer I went to Camp and it was the best summer of my life. I am in fifth grade at my school and we are going to rule the school! My teacher is Mr. B and this year will be so fun and I think I will want to work at a charity. Mr. B says that he thinks it would be fun and that his past students loved it.

I just made the basketball team for my town and I am so happy about it. I hope I make a good lacrosse team but I really want to be with my friends. At school we recently went on a field trip called BOCES. It was so fun and it wasn’t even like school, it was just hanging out with your friends. That is was it seemed at least, I know it was all about team building. So basically it was fun and good for academics.

I am so excited for my brothers to be home from college at the same time. One of them had family weekend a little while a go but I couldn’t go because I had a lacrosse tournament and no one in my family was going on the weekend. My parents were going on Friday but they came get home too late for me to go with them. And they were going to be with all of my brothers friends parents. This year will be amazing especially with my class.

I will be blogging soon. Bye.


There are Monsters in my Closet

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When I was four, I thought I could fly. So I climbed an apple tree grabbed three apples and jumped. Then I thought the apples weighed me down, so I tried again without them. The only kind of candy I like is chocolate.  I thought my mom dove to the bottom of the ocean. It was just a pool.  At camp we were talking loudly at night, and a mean, old swim instructor yelled at us. On visiting day I did a double flip on the trapeze by accident. My brother got me a giant banana from the fair. One day I got mad and pulled out all its hair. My friends babysitter was a little scary, but not as much after I spanked her but a couple times. One night at camp when I fell asleep my bunk mates took my giant bear and put it on top of me. When I woke up they were all asleep on top of the bear. I have made my brother through up by bouncing on his stomach. I used to think monsters were hiding in my closet. I’ve always wanted to go to the rain forest. Now that I’m going I am not that excited, because we are going to be on a tour bus.  I have never had a giant lollipop in my life but I always say I love them. I once hot glued my whole hand. I didn’t know what to do so I let it dry. I put a second coat. And a third, and a fourth…  At camp I hid all of my bunks candy under my bed. I am not good at gymnastics. I was walking on the beach me and my family saw a beached whale. We helped move it back to the water. When we got it there it didn’t swim it just floated away.

I will be blogging soon. Bye.


Hello, I’m Hannah

Hi, my name is Hannah! I am nine years old. I’m the youngest child in my family, I have three brothers. They are all really nice to me. They are also really old! One is in college, one is in high school and the last one is in middle school. I’m in elementary school and I have the best teacher ever. I play the bass. I like every subject in school. After school, I am either playing a sport, doing my homework, playing with my brothers, or playing with my friends.

I really love playing sports. My favorite sport is basketball. This winter, I played on two basketball teams. One was my town’s Rec basketball team and the other one was a team that my mom put together. The team my mom put together was so fun because a lot of my friends played on it and we made it to the finals. We lost, but I don’t care because the other team was really good and we had a really fun season. I’m really excited to play for that coach again. All of my older brothers also really love basketball. They are also really good. My second favorite sport is lacrosse.  I really love it. But it’s funny because playing goalie is what got me into playing lacrosse and now I don’t even like goalie that much. Next comes soccer. It’s really fun, but I’m sad because my coach just moved away. He was really funny. At all of our games, he would be squatting all the time!

Even though I really love sports, I love school too. I love every single subject. My favorites are math, science, and reading. In science, I really just love doing experiments, but in math I like everything.

I really love camp ! It is  a lot of fun. I meet so many new people and now they are some of my best friends. I almost never get to see my camp friends though. The last time I saw one was actually this week. But she was new. I hadn’t meet her before. I’m really excited because she is very nice and she is going to go to my camp next year. It’s surprising that I’m am going to see another camp friend this week, but that’s fine by me!

I didn’t mention this but I really love dogs. One of my brothers and I had finally convinced my mom to get a dog. Then we announced it to my whole family and another one of my brothers who really doesn’t like dogs started to argue. Ever since, we’ve been trying to convince him to get a dog.

In my blog, I’m going to talk about basketball (and other sports) and things I’m doing in school. I might end up talking about other fun things I’m doing outside of school. Please tell me some other fun things you would like me to talk about in my blog. I’ll try to post as often as possible. I hope you like my blog.

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