The Insides Of My Flashlight

Hi guys,

As you may know lights don’t turn on and off by themselves there is electricity and circuits involved. This is a picture of the inside of my flashlight. You can see the battery and LED, The switch is on the side but blocked by the battery. To set up my circuit I attached the positive side of the LED to one side of the switch. Next I attached the other side of the switch to the positive side of the battery. Lastly I connected the negative side of the battery and the negative side of the LED to make my circuit!

From Then To Now (My Flashlight is Finished)


I finally finished my flashlight. It was a lot of fun to make and I want to share with you how it turned out. This is my finished project. I decorated it so when I look at it I can be happy. I will talk about the circuit and prosess of building this in my next post. I didn’t end up adding the grip or strap because I was happy with the way it turned out. One of the things that I really like about my flashlight is where I placed the switch, if you havn’t figured it out yet that is the little black thing and it controls when the light is on and off. I like the placement of it because if you hold the flash light around the middle that is exactly where your

I am including this just to remind you of where I started from.

thumb falls.

My Finished Switches

Hi Guys,

I finally finished the switches I have been talking about! These switches were inspired by self driving cars. A sensor on top of the car tells the car when to stop or turn depending on the objects in its way. We are going to use the switches we built to direct and imaginary car (one switch will say to turn right, one to turn left, and the third to completely stop to avoid things in its way). The switch on the far right is connected by pushing the  two pieces together. This closes the circuit and makes the light attached to it. For the switch in the middle you press down on the tinfoil to close the circuit. With the circuit on the left you take the popsicle stick that sticks out of the side and pull in to turn the wheel, and close the circuit. All of my switch are rebounding, meaning they return to the position they were originally in so the light only flashes on uinstead of staying on.

Solder Basketball

Hi again. I just wanted to show you a project I have been working on. It is a solder person. My solder person is made from brass wire and solder. The person is mainly made from the wire but all of the parts are held together with solder. Solder is a metal that you use a soldering iron to melt. First you put the soldering iron of the place you want the solder to go. After 15 seconds of holding it there you can touch the solder to the tip of the soldering iron. If you do it right then the solder will melt and connect the two pieces of wire. The solder is eaisily moldeable but strong. Whenever you put the soldering iron to the solder it will melt and be easy to change. This is a great way to make many things! If you do decide to made a solder person you can customize it by adding accessories. Remember to wear safety googles, always have a wet sponge, and not to touch the tip of the soldering iron.



Hi guys,

This is my intro to circuits. I am making some out of cardboard and tinfoil, but they are not finished. This is one that I built using a blade switch, wires, lightbulb, and a battery. Are you wondering why circuits work…Circuits work because electrons want to get from one side of the battery to the other. But inside the battery there is a wall blocking them from moving. So when given a clear path, through wires and other conductive metals, they take the chance. One their path they move through the light bulb and light it up with their electricity. over time all of the electrons leave one side of the battery and move to the other. This is what we call a dead battery. the positive side no longer want electrons because it is so full so electrons no longer want to go there.

So know that you know why circuits work think about different way you can build them. Here are some things to remember…

The circuit must be complete, meaning the electrons have a clear path and it goes all of the way from one side of the battery to the other.

Make sure you use things that are conductive. (most metals are conductive)


Human or Animal Rights Day?

HI guys,

On Human Rights Day a jewelry maker came in during Technology and talked about a new kind of ivory she uses. This ivory has very similar qualities to elephant ivory but doesn’t require elephants to be killed. This kind of ivory is made from nuts that grow in rainforests. Using plant ivory isn’t only a way to save elephants but it can save rain forests too. If people can harvest this nut from the rainforests why would they want to cut the rain forest down.

To get animal ivory many elephants are killed every year. Do you agree with me that elephants should be saved. Well the jewlery designer Ms. Moore decided to do something about it. After doing research she started to use plant ivory. This helped her very much because elephant ivory is illegal in the US. How can you manle a difference? Well start by thinking about something that you are really passionate about. For Ms. Moore this is jewlery. Then think about how it could be even better. If you cannot make this change by your self you can create a club or talk to someone who can help spread the word about trying to make a change. Tell me how you want to and are trying to make a difference. Every effort counts!

Learning about this has sparked a project for us in Technology. I am so excited because we get to make jewlery. We are making jewlery from old clothes, toys, etc. I hope that I can make a necklace along with a bracelet. I have a feeling that this project will be really fun!

I will be blogging soon. Bye.


Atoms Not Adams

Have you ever heard of atoms? Well you might be thinking about your friend named Adam but that is not what I am talking about. Atoms are actually so much smaller than your friend Adam. Atoms are so small they actually are in you friend Adam. Atoms are part of molecules which are also very small. If

Image result for atom

These are all of the parts of an atom.

you something around the size of a softball the size of the Earth by enlarging its atoms, each individual atom would only be the size of a blueberry.  There are parts of an atom called electrons, neutrons, and protons. Imagine how small these are. There are also parts of some of these. We don’t know but this may go on forever. You can learn a little about charges by playing bond breaker. This is a really fun game but you get to learn at the same time.


I will be blogging soon. Bye.



( Today I am working with another kindergarten as well. His name is Karl as well as Logan.)

Karl’s story is called skiing and it is a story on him skiing. Karl wen’t skiing and had lots of fun. He had a coach and went all the way on top of the mountain. Karl’s favorite part is when he says he went skiing for the first time and his coach told him to be brave. Karl’s choose to write this story because he just recently went skiing. Karl spent a lot of time on drawing. He used so many colors and people. I really love Karl’s writing so much.


Logan’s story is  about when she went to the carnival. Logan’s favorite ride is she when she went bungee jumping. Logan’s second favorite ride was the high swings.  Logan says that, “She isn’t proud because she was never scared.” They were for big kids and she should be proud of it but she isn’t because she is very modest. My favorite page is the page that is in the picture. It is so beautiful and colorful. Logan also recently went to this carnival in Florida when she was there over break. I love Logan writing so much and it is amazing.

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