Last week of Tech!

This is the last week in Tech and we have been making whatever we wanted to make. Some people are trying to make very difficult structures with wood, others and making new solder people, some are making stuff with the Scroll saw and are making a wheel kind of tool. Tech has been really fun and probably one of the best quarterly.

Scroll Saw

This week I am using the scroll saw to drill cardboard to make things. The scroll saw vibrates at very high speeds and cuts into the cardboard. I am using double-ply to make an “H” for myself. I first have to draw an outline of the thing I want to make, and then I turn on the machine, make a cut in the cardboard and start cutting.


For the past week in class we have been working on making a flashlight using tubes, wires, switches, and a few other classroom things. I have been measuring, graphing, drilling and soldering my flashlight. To solder the wires for the flashlight, there is a thing that you hold in your had that heats up to about 850 degrees, and touch the solder on it while touching the thing you want to solder, this solders the object. After doing this, I fitted the wires, switch, light, and battery into the flashlight tubes and finished the flashlight.


In the past few weeks in Tech we have been learning and making circuits, and we made our own switches and played a car driving game. We connected wires to the tinfoil on the switches so when the tin foil touched a light bulb lights up on the breadboard.