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Author :Sowmya Kolluru

Article date :1/23/18


Maybe there will be the spacesuits it has “take me home” buttons it can use it for go back to the spaceship ⬇  

 i think it will be so big help to astronaut because they will never get lost if you use “ take me home “Buttons.   

I think this is very good idea because if you use it we won’t get lost in space and i wish somebody make this amazing “take me home” Buttons by 2030 because I hear NASA’S rockets will Fly to Mars.

And i wish somebody who made the Buttons for The earth like if get lost at Desert you can fly back to the your home.  


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Mr. Deberry taught us skills about non-fiction reading.

My team members are me, Heather, Max, Shea, Daniel, Rory, and Hana. We learned many ways to organize information. First, we learned how to take notes with boxes and bullets.  Next, we learned how to make a Venn Diagram to show what’s different and what’s the same. We also learned we should use a  T chart because it can separate information. So now we use them a lot!

I think these organizers will help us to study Colonial Times to find the important details and write about them.






Important thing about Neil Armstrong

 Important thing about Neil Armstrong

By Hiroki Yoshimoto

The important thing about Neil Armstrong is that he’s the first person to step on the  moon.  

He was a pilot of Apollo 11 and Gemini 11.

He was born in Ohio on August 5, 1930.

And he died on August 25, 2012.  

“One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.”

This is the famous sentence that he said when he stepped on the moon. But the important thing about Neil Armstrong is that he was the first person to step on the moon.                                         

                               Important link and picture

Youtube about Armstrong By R Diddy

This is a video of he step on the moon By  NTDTV                       

Video by NASA

Neil Armstrong. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopaedia Britannic, 25 May 2016.
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Hello world By Hiroki

My name is Hiroki now I’m’ living in United States of America .

I like to play soccer. I’m playing travel soccer, but my team is not winning many games.

We played seven times, but we only won two times!

 I like to play card games.  I am getting better at playing.