Launch Reflection 2

I thought that we had done much better in launch 2 then launch 1 because in our first launch our height went 14.5 and in our second launch our height was 19.5. I thought a big part of that launch was that our rocket went higher because we fixed the nose cone and that helped it go straight up in the sky. The only problem in launch 2 is that it was cold and windy and in launch 1 it was warm and sunny so I think that we would have done a little better if we had better conditions on launch 2.

King George |||, what was his problem : Reflection

What I have learned from this book is that Benedict Arnold and General Gage kept arguing and Benedict Arnold thought that he should have got a lot of credit and at one point General Gage did not want Benedict Arnold to go and fight but Benedict Arnold went out and fought.

Teatown reflection

My favorite part of the trip was when. We used the sand and it looked like water was coming down and it was very colorful.


I learned that the biggest is not always the deepest. Also I did not know that some animals can live when they are not at the bottom of the water.


If I could add one more activity I would add walking around the lake a little more so that we can seee more of th