Capstone #2

In the beginning of Capstone, we have to make a main inquiry question and sub questions. The main inquiry question is our main question we¬† answer with our research. The sub questions are smaller questions that might help us to answer our main inquiry question. My main inquiry is, “How did Netflix go from a movie rental company, to a big movie production company?” Some of my sub questions are, how does Netflix compare to other movie companies, how did Netflix impact the way people watch TV, and whats the future for Netflix. These are all questions that will hopefully help me answer my main inquiry question. Stay Tuned!

Capstone #1

This week my class started Capstone. Capstone is a project where we choose a topic were very passionate about and spend several weeks researching on. We need to have 3 web-based sources, 1 database source, 1 print source, 1 interview, and 1 site visit. The topic I chose, was Netflix because it’s something I use daily and I know other people use it to. I was also curious how it has changed over time. Before I picked Netflix, I was also thinking about studying hedgehogs. I wanted to do that because my sister has a hedgehog and I’ve always been interested about their spikes. But I had to think if it was something I wouldn’t get bored of because Capstone is a long project. Then, I was thinking about social media, but I knew it was a popular topic and that a couple people in the grade were already doing that. I also wanted to choose YouTube, but somebody else also was doing it and I didn’t want to do something someone else was doing. That’s what lead me to Netflix. I will keep you all updated!

Passion Project #5

I’m almost finished with my google slides but I still have to add the slides that will be used for pictures of my steps and caption of how the steps will work. I still have to make the jewelry out of the plastic bag. In my slideshow I’m including a glossary, table of contents, resources list, and an introduction. I also added images for some of the slides so it would be less plain and empty. I can’t wait to show you my final product!

Passion Project #4

My final decision is to make a slide show but now I’m thinking about what topic I want to write about for each slide. I’m planning on having one of the slides about different types of plastic. I also have the idea of making some of these the topics for my slides: How Plastic Recycling Works, The Types of Plastic, and The Difficulty of Plastic. I will add more but for now those are my ideas. Right now, I’ve been looking for websites that can be a good source for my topic, but I have a lot about recycling and not a lot about jewelry. I will also make an introduction including why I chose my topic and what I think about the experience.

Passion Project #3

I didn’t have the materials that I needed for making the jewelry so I had to order them online. They weren’t difficult to find and they weren’t expensive either. I was planning on making an iMovie to show my process, but now I’m thinking about making a slide show on drive. I think making a slide show will be better because, it will be easier to show what I’ve learned. If I do that, I will insert a video of me making the jewelry so I can still show my process. On BrainPop, I found a video called “Plastic” and when I looked at it I knew it would probably be helpful for my topic but when I was watching the video, I realized it said a lot about plastic recycling. It was very similar to the video I watched on YouTube because both of them included different plastics and what items different plastics were used for. The video had a lot of great things for my topic and hopefully I’ll find some other videos like that!

Passion Project #2

Before I started doing my research I asked a few question. The questions were, how can a plastic be formed into another shape, how can I attach the medal wire to the plastic bag, and if it will be easy to form the bag into something different. I already have gotten the answer to some of them and I watched a video that helped me a lot (the video will be linked down below.) The video included how types of plastics were made and what plastic don’t go together. I didn’t really know a lot about how plastic recycling works but after watching the video, I found out it was very different then what I actually thought. I learned that people can’t make new plastic bottles out of used bottles because the plastic needs to be really clean. I also learned that to make Polyester you need to ground, shred, and melt the plastic. I’m very glad I watched the video because now I have more research on plastic and recycling.

The link to the video:

Passion Project #1

Last week my class was assigned a passion project. We had to find something we were passionate about and make something to represent that. My topic is recycling plastic bags into jewelry. I chose that topic because I was thinking about doing recycling as my topic but I also wanted to do jewelry because my mom designs jewelry and I always watch her work at home. I’m planning on making beads and rings with the plastic bags. The materials I will need are, tweezers, leather chords, medal wires, and a heating source. I’ve been doing research on plastic and recycling for about 4 days now. Some of my research is about what you can make with plastic, what types of plastic there are, the meaning of plastic, and what natural plastics are. I’ve also veen watching videos of people making things with plastics bags so I can get inspired and make something else besides beads and rings. Stay tuned for more updates!

Here are my resources so far:




Refugee #2

I think the author who wrote “Refugee” chose to alternate all 3 chapters because everyone had a different story that connected to the same idea. The idea is that in those different parts of the world something bad is affecting them and their families. The author chose to do 3 different perspectives because they all have very different stories and cultures so whatever the problems the problems in their countries are very different.

Refugee #1

Refugee is about 3 different children, living in different time periods, who live in different parts of the world. Josef’s family lives in Nazi Germany in 1930’s but they’re leaving Germany to go live in Cuba because of the Nazi’s. Isabel’s family lives in Cuba in 1994 but they’re leaving because her father was rioting and his punishment is being taken to prison forever. Mahmoud’s family lives in Syria in 2015 but is going to leave because of the dictator. The reasons of why the kids families are leaving are similar because they were all being treated unfairly. The reasons of why the kids families are leaving are different because some of them are really affected of the reason but some aren’t.