Reuse and Recycle

Today Monica came to visit the class to talk about reusing and recycling. Monica helps up reuse items so they can last longer. Today, she handed us a piece of tinfoil (the size of a piece of paper.) She asked us to make something you can wear with the tinfoil. So I chose to make a hat and she also told us we can decorate our item with anything on our table. Some people decided to decorate their item with marker but, I decided to decorate my hat with post-its. A lot of people made shoes with the tinfoil. After that, she wanted us to choose a partner from your table and make something for them out of the same tinfoil we used for the item we made before. I made a bracelet for my partner with the tinfoil and because and we also couldn’t use glue or tape, I used the play-do from my table to stick the bracelet together. The play-do wasn’t helping to much because it still wouldn’t stick together and the play-do would just turn all crumbly. At the end, when we all sat down on the rug, Monica asked us if it was different or similar to make something for someone else then to make something for ourselves. I thought about that question and In my opinion it was different because I don’t normally wear jewelry, but I could picture my partner wearing a bracelet. I put the same amount of effort that I would, to make something for myself but my thinking was a bit different. Today I learned that 91% of recyclable items don’t get recycled. One thing I could do to reuse items, is to save containers that can get recycled and use it as a pencil holder. In the future I would love to learn more about this topic and help by doing anything I can.

Panyee FC Essay

Panyee FC takes place in Southern Thailand 1986, on a floating village where a group of boys were inspired by watching soccer on tv. In their village not many sports were played. The boys have very bright ideas throughout the whole story and are very inspiring. Most of all, the boys in Panyee FC solved problems as a team.

The boys in Panyee FC solved problems as a team when, they wanted to play soccer but no one in their village played soccer, so there was no team for them to join. For example, “On our island we loved to watch football. But no one had ever actually played it.” This shows, that the boys have to figure out how they would play soccer or they won’t be able to play. One example to show how they solved this problem is, “One day one of the boys had an idea. He suggested we form a team of our own. When the other villagers heard our plan they thought it was ridiculous.” This shows, the boys figured out how they could play soccer.

The boys in Panyee FC solved problems as a team when, the boys didn’t have any place to play soccer in their village, but they figured out how to play. In the video, there was barely any space for two people to pass each other so, one of them was on his bike and the guy riding his bike fell in the water because there was not enough space to pass the other person. For example, “We realized they were right, we had nowhere to play or even practice.” This shows, the boys can’t play soccer unless they figure out how they would get space for practicing. One example that shows how they solved this problem is, “This was a real problem because where we live space wasn’t something we had. We figured we’d have to create our own space.” This shows, the boys can finally play and practice soccer if it works out.

The boys in Panyee FC solved problems as a team when, it was difficult for them to play on the wet mushy grass when water was filling up their shoes. For example, “The semi started badly. It was raining heavily and the other team were really good. Our boots filled with water… which slowed us down a lot. The other team were two up by halftime.” This shows, the boys had a rough start to the semifinal, but if they don’t figure out how to catch up they will lose badly. An example to show the solution is, “After a bad first half we needed to do something. So we got rid of our wet boots. Playing in bare feet was more comfortable for all of us. We were light on our feet and could move much faster. We scored two goals and evened the score. This shows, they had a very bright idea and decided to take off their shoes, which worked because they were used to being barefoot on a wet slippery surface.

Panyee FC showed me that even if you start with nothing you can always end up with something amazing just like a team with youth world champions. The boys solved problems as a team and used a lot of teamwork skills too. At first the boys were inexperienced and didn’t know everything about soccer, but once they grew up they became more experienced and learned more about the sport.

Rube Goldberg #3

Today I started to build my Rube Goldberg. So far we didn’t make too many changes to our idea, but we figured out some little things that needed to be changed. Some of our materials we are planning on using are dominoes, a toy car, books, ping pong balls, golf balls, toilet paper rolls, popsicle sticks, a roll of duct tape, and car tracks. It’s really exciting to see our idea come to life and I’m very proud of what we have done so far. I thought the project would be much easier but, it took a lot more work than I thought. Some difficult parts were putting together the ramp we made with toilet paper rolls. It was difficult because we had to make it smooth enough so the ball doesn’t get stopped. We also had to make it sturdy enough because we will be rolling a golf ball down the ramp and golf balls are heavier then most small balls. Rube Goldberg is all about creating machines to do a simple task, and our simple task is feeding my sisters hedgehog. I’m so excited to see our final product and I can’t wait!

Rube Goldberg #2

For Rube Goldberg, each group had to make a sketch. The sketch has to include details and labels. The sketch is due February 12 and the idea on the sketch will probably change but the sketch will help to start building. We also have to make 3 blog posts by February 14. The blog posts have to include reasons on why you liked the activity or not and a little back story on the topic. The project also includes recording the attempts and when the group succeeds. You also have to make a list of resources you used for research on the person and the simple machines. The final video has to include the fails and successes. The list of resources and the final video is due March 6 while blog posts 4, 5, and 6 are due March 7. But technically the whole project is due March 7.

Rube Goldberg #1

My teacher assigned Rube Goldberg on January 28. Once my teacher assigned this project, I was so excited because I remember seeing my siblings do it and it looked like a lot of fun. After the project was assigned, I learned that Rube Goldberg was a man who worked as a cartoonist, engineer, inventor, sculpture, and author. Rube Goldberg was mostly known for performing simple tasks and making cartoons. He was born of July 4, 1883 and died on December 7, 1970. Once the project was assigned, my teacher showed the class some videos of students trying Rube Goldberg from previous years. What I learned from those videos is that Rube Goldberg takes many attempts and you can’t rush it.


3 Sentence Summary-The One and Only Ivan

In the book, “The One and Only Ivan,” by Katherine Applegate, Ivan is a gorilla who lives in a domain at the “Exit 8 Big Top Mall,” with some of his animal friends like Stella and Bob. He gets visitors that are all different like kids that spit, throw stuff, and stick their tongues out, but whatever the kids do Ivan just ignores them. He might feel lonely and miss his family sometimes but most of the time he feels safe and tries to move on from the past.

Feature Article


This my feature article I made about wolves. I really liked this project because, I tried something new, and I ended up having a lot of fun. My favorite part of the project was organizing the layout and finding the pictures. I learned a lot about wolves and feature articles because of this project. I hope you enjoyed!

Trip To Philadelphia

This year, the 5th graders at Heathcote Elementary School went on a trip to Philadelphia. Luckily, we went on a coach bus, so there was tv’s and bathrooms. The bus ride was 2-3 hours. Most of the kids were excited, but most of the time I get sick on long bus rides, but this time I didn’t. Some parents came and some didn’t. A lot of kids in our grade get sick so, many people had to sit in the front. Philadelphia is a city in Pennsylvania. Each class went with one other class on the same bus. No students were sure of what class they were going with. I hoped I would be able to sit with my close friends and I did end up . We had to be at school at 5:50, so I woke up at 4:45-5:00. I was very anxious for the trip and I also was excited to learn some new things about Philadelphia. I ended up learning so many new things and it was a great trip.

Constitution Project

My class is doing a constitution project and we got to choose a topic and a way to present our work. My topic is Benjamin Franklin and i’m making a poster to present my work on him. I’m thinking about printing pictures of him and his inventions and under them I will write at least one paragraph about the subtopic. I have been gathering research so I won’t have trouble writing about Ben and my subtopics. My subtopics are about his inventions, his political life, his childhood, and his professions. The reason I chose Benjamin Franklin for my project was because he inspires me and I think his inventions made a huge impact to the world. The project is due December 18th and I gathered a lot of research but I do some more research everyday. I can’t wait until this project is complete and when I have my final poster done.