I just read  articular on octopuses. There are many different kinds of octopuses like the coconut octopus, this octopus is named this because it lives in a shell that looks like a shell. Octopuses have been around for many years, over millions of years. Octopuses can change colors to blend in with the ground so people  can’t find them. They do not have any bones in there body, so they are very  flexible.  All of the octopuses body parts are connected. They have eight arms, there blood is blue, and they have three hearts.The octopus skirts out black ink so when a  predictor is coming they just skirt the ink and swim  away. Octopuses are very interesting.

Our second breakout

On Friday my class did a second breakout. This time we did it we wanted to see how it was different from last time. Last time we did breakout everyone was screaming and grabbing from each others hands , but this time it was more calm. When we had an idea we didn’t just yell, we told each other the idea without screaming. It was still the same as the other time we did breakout, but we were just more relaxed. I think this time was better than last time.

San Francisco

In April break my family and I traveled to San Francisco. There was so many things to do there, so I am just going to tell you about the highlights.

One of the things we did as bike the Golden Gate bridge. Our whole family biked the bridge. First we rented our bikes and biked to the bridge, it took a very long time to get there. There was a pretty big hill to get on the bridge. It was very crowded on bridge. After we biked the bridge we had a nice lunch n the other side of the bridge. The bridge was very long. It was very fun.

Another really fun thing to do is go to Ghirardelli Square. It is a really big chocolate place. They have so many different kinds of chocolate there, and they’re all delicious. One of my favorite  chocolates is the  milk chocolate with caramel inside, but all of it is so good.

The last thing I am going to tell you About is the go cart tour. On your go cart you can drive  around San Francisco. One of the best places to go is the windiest road I think. It is called Lombard Street You can drive all over and there is a GPS to tell you where to go. Our trip was so fun to San Francisco.


Last Friday our class did a thing called breakout. Breakout is sort of like escape the room. Escape the room is where you are trapped in a room and you and everybody have to try to find clues to get out of the room. Our theme was a series called if you give a mouse…. By Laura Joffe Numeroff. Our computer teacher helped set up the classroom we were doing it in. We did it in our school, Fox Meadow.

Our whole class went in the room together. In our game here was a big box that there was a big box that was locked, with six different locks on it . And my class had to work together to figure out everything. To figure out the first lock we found a sheet of paper with numbers and letters on it. The word said glue stick so we all tried to find a glue stick. When we found the glues tick we opened it and there was a key to the first lock in it. Our teacher gave us a black flashlight to figure out the next lock. We shined them on the mice hanging on the walls because that was our theme. It revealed a code so we tried it on a lock and it opened. After we figured out the first 4 locks, and took them off. We needed the black flashlight again we all worked together and we opened the last lock  .

In the big box with all the locks on  there were so many Hershey Kisses that we split among our class. It was so fun and a great Friday afternoon.

Our Kayaking Trip

On Monday the 12, my class went paddling  at the Scarsdale public pool. It was only our class. We went stand up paddling, and kayaking in the pool. We have been working on how to paddle, and kayak in our own gym at my school.  

We learned so many different strokes, that we used.  Some of them were sweep stroke, reverse stroke, break, and many more.There are so many different boats, like free style, whitewater boat, touring boat, recreational boat, and a stand up paddle board. There are so many different places ,that you can paddle, like Colorado, Arkansas, and so many more. you usually white water raft on a river, and normal kayaking on a lake. While we were kayaking we wore PFDs which stand for Personal Flotation Device.

In the pool you kayaked around  buoys. And when you did stand up paddle boarding, you paddled in a lane. We got to try all the boats. One of my favorite things to do in the kayak is to capsize. All you have to do to capsize is put your head down, and rock your boat back and forth until you tip over, but right when you capsized you had to flip the boat over so it didn’t fill with water. It was  especially fun because it was 90 degrees.

Meanwhile the trip was really fun! Comment below if you have ever kayaked before!

One of my favorite restaurants ever!

4.5 out of 5


Truck is an amazing restaurant. It is in Bedford, NY. Truck is a Mexican restaurant that serves burritos, tacos, salads, and much more. At Truck, there are many different appetizers, entrees, and desserts. My favorite, include the bean dip, guacamole, the beef burrito, and the soft-serve vanilla ice cream. My favorite drink, is the lemon-lime. This is one of my favorite drinks at Truck because I can chose the sweetness level. At Truck, there is something for everyone, including vegetarian and gluten-free food. The average cost for an appetizer is $10 and the average cost for an entree is $15. And last the average price for a desert is around $7. All of Trucks vegetables are grown right outside of the restaurant. The chips, ice cream, and others are made right at the restaurant.

The service there is great. When you ask for something they bring it out right away. It did not take to long to get our food, I think the overall service was good. The restaurant is kid friendly. The atmosphere at Truck is very inviting because it is light and not that fancy. Overall, Truck is a great restaurant and I would highly suggest going there. Click on the link to see the menu, pictures, and many cool things about Truck.

My Puppy News

Hi!  I have some big news that I have been meaning to share. As you know  that I was supposed to get a dog on Friday,  but my family decided to get the dog right after I get back from camp. We decided this because we thought we would miss the puppy when she was growing up. Don’t worry because we are still getting the dog. I think this plan is a lot better. Even though we are not getting the dog now we are still getting her. I am really excited because the puppies are suppose to be born in a couple of days.  We are now getting the dog on a Saturday, and the breeder is going to drop the puppy off at our house. I promise I will post as soon as I get her. Here is a picture from our new breeder. 

My Lacrosse Tournament

Hi guys! I love to play lacrosse, and this Saturday my team had a tournament. This tournament was at Edgemont High school.  My team played in 4 different teams, we won 3 and lost1 of them. In the tournament I played well. We had a different team as usual, because we signed up to be in the tournament.  In fact I have a game today, I am so excited for it.  In the tournament we played against New Rochelle, Edgemont, Edgewood, and one other team I can’t remember. Lacrosse is so fun and I think everybody should try it. Tell me in the comments if you have ever played against one of these teams, or if you were at the tournament. Bye!😜😀

The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth is a really good book by Dan Gemeinhart. This book is realistic fiction. This book is about a boy named Mark and his dog. Mark has cancer and he knows his life is ending  soon because of it. So Mark leaves home one day with Beau, his dog and hop on a train that he bought a ticket for the previous day. He is really smart and tricked everyone by buying a bus ticket to another town so when the police went looking for him they would look in the town he bought the bus ticket to. His goal was to climb Mount Rainier, but on the way he has some challenges. First he hops on a train to Seattle, and eats at a really gross dinner. Then when he was walking on the streets late at night and these mean bullies come and beat him up and take all of his money, besides one $20 bill. Then he goes in a little restaurant to clean up, and he asked these ladies at the restaurant that speak spanish for a phone. They understood him and let him call, MArk called the police. When he did they picked up, Mark was about to tell them he was the kid missing, but Beau barked and that bark told him to keep going, so he did. Meanwhile Mark’s best friend Jessie, is back home and really worried. Jessie finds a note and figures out where Mark is but doesn’t tell anyone. Mark hopped on a train to get to the mountain. Next Mark  sneaks on a bus that he doesn’t pay for so the bus driver kicks him and Beau off the bus. Mark decides to walk the rest of the way. Halfway there A man name Wesley  give him  a ride. He feeds Mark and finds out what he is doing. Mark says that he is going to climb the mountain just a little for his grandfather  that died. So Mark  Starts to walk  again  and finds A little Island. Mark Decides to go to the island and walks through the island with Beau, but with 2 steps left Mark slips and Beau saves him. He starts to walk again and finally he gets to the mountain. When he is walking all of a sudden Beau starts barking and pulling on Mark’s leg. Mark sees that there is a crevice there. Mark could’ve   just died the Beau  saved his life. Mark decides to jump the crevice and he  makes the jump but Beau didn’t. He got stuck. Mark pulls him out with his rope and decides to  take a small nap. The police finds where they are and he goes to the hospital. Mark dies from all these disease and that’s how the book ends.


In the book I think some of the Mark main traits are  he really brave, and he never gives up. Mark is really complicated, and changes moods a lot. He is brave because he climbs a mountain only with his dog . Since Mark was brave he was able to climb the mountain. In the book the setting changes a lot. The setting changes when there is something bad about to happen. For example when Beau was trapped in the creavis the clouds were big, and it was freezing cold out. Mark also always sticks to what he wants to do. For example, Mark never gives up because he could of turned around at any point, but he didn’t.


In the book I thought there were two life lessons. I thought one of them was dream big. I thought one of  them was dream big ,I thought it was this because Mark had a really big dream,to climb the mountain, but he never gave up and he did it. The other life lesson was never give up. Mark couldn’t of ever done it if he gave up. He was about to give up at the restaurant, but he didn’t and that was the main reason he finished climbing the mountain. When mark left home there were some issues. His best friend worried about him a lot, as well as his parents. He struggled a lot during his trip. Overall I really liked this book. When something bad happens you get scared too. If I had to recommend a book one of them would definitely be The Honest Truth. You should really read it!


My New Puppy!

              Hi guys, I have some really exciting news! I am getting a puppy on Friday. I am going to drive to Massachusetts with my family and pick her up. She is a Wheaten Terrier, and her name will be Jessie. We have been waiting a long time to get our puppy. My mom and I have been most excited. We used to have a dog and his name was Jack. He was also a Wheaten Terrier. Jessie is going to be medium sized. On Friday when we go to pick her out we are going to be in a room with 5 girls and from there we’ll pick her out. I am looking for a calm, loving, and cute puppy.   Having a dog is a lot of work, you have to feed the dog, walk it, and take care of it. Wheaten Terrier owners, do you have any advice for me? And do any of you have a dog? Comment down below if  you do.