The Cayman Islands


Hi guys,

For christmas vacation  my family went to the Cayman Islands. This was an amazing trip. There was so much to do. One day when we were there my family and one other family  went on a boat. The boat took us all around the island and  took us to the best spots. The first stop we made was to stingray city. As you could tell from the name stingray city this is a place where there are a lot of stingrays. Stingray city is on a sandbar which is only around three feet deep so you could stand.  At first it is terrifying to get in, but at the end it was very cool.  The stingrays can only sting when they are in the sand. If you step on one of their stingers and they are in the sand there is a  possibility you could get stung, but when they are swimming they can’t sting.  Some of the stingrays have names. One is named Snowflake, another is Frisbee, and one is Stumpy. One other place we went to was called starfish point. At this place there are many starfish in the water. There were so many starfish in the water and you could see them well because the water was clear. Both these places were very cool. And if you ever go to the Cayman Islands you should definitely go to these places.

This is one of the stingrays

The Cayman Islands

Hi guys,

For christmas vacation my family and  a couple of our family friends went to the Cayman Islands. One of the highlights of the trip was all of the water sports we did. We went parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, banana boating, and more.  Parasailing is when you and two other people are put in a hardness and your hardness gets strapped to a thing like a parachute. You are sitting on your hardness, and the boat starts going and you get lifted up in the air!  You go really high. When I was up there I could see the whole island. The parachute is connected to a string so when it is time to come down they just pull the string in. I think it was one of my favorite water sports. Banana boating is also really fun. You are sitting on an inflatable tube thing attached to a boat. The driver of the boat is trying to go through the waves to make it fun for the people on the banana boat. When you go through the waves sometimes you fall off.  It is a little scary when you fall off but extremely fun! The thing that made these water sports so special is that the water was so clear and blue that it made the experience so much better.

This is parasailing                                                          This is banana boating

The Cayman Islands

Hi guys,

My town just had christmas vacation, and my family went away. We went to a small group of islands in the Caribbean called the Cayman islands. The Cayman islands are made up  of three islands. Those islands are Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman, and Little Cayman.  These island are very warm and the temperature every day was a range from 75 degrees to 85 degrees at the island I went to. The water there was so beautiful. It looked like a bottle of the blue gatorade. The water is also clear, pretty, and actually really warm. The food at the island I went to was amazing. There was so much to choose from on the menu. The seafood there was so good. If you are looking for anywhere to go  that is warm and beautiful next vacation check out the Cayman Islands. 


Lina’s artwork

Hi Guys,

As you all know from my last post my buddy Lina. If you didn’t see it Lina is in kindergarten. She is smart, kind, and cute. What I did not talk about last time was her artwork. Her and all the other kindergarteners artwork is hanging up on the walls around our school. It is wonderful. Each and every piece of art is wonderful and unique in its own way. They are always trying new skills and new things in art. Every single painting or drawing I see in the halls are colorful. The colors are bright and they pop out. It makes the school feel so much happier. The kindergartners are just learning how to hold a paintbrush and all their creations are amazing!


P.S  This is one one of Lina’s piece of art.

This is a picture Lina made with her friend Marry. The scene is at a museum.

In this sculpture Lina and her brother are making a snowman



Hi guys,

I have a really cute buddy and her name is Lina. She is in kindergarten this year. I love everything about her.

She is really smart. A few days ago when I was with her she read a whole book to me with no help! She is also kind, and cute. One of my favorite things about her are the headbands she wears. It seems like everytime I see her she is wearing a different headband! The reason why I love her headbands so much is because I use to wear one everyday in first grade.

Lina is always trying to improve, and when she makes a mistake always tries to fix it.  The first time I met Lina she was a little shy. But now every time I see her she talks more and more. Lina is an beyond amazing buddy!


Lina is reading to me

P.S   This is a picture of me and Lina