Technology Post #1

Hi again everybody! I know I haven’t posted in awhile. At my school we recently have a new a class that we have to take, and it’s very fun. Yesterday  ´the custodians locked the door to the safety cabinet and we had to find a way to open it´, but the twist was that the key to open it was locked in a box with 3 different locks on it. We were separated into two different teams, and each team had the box with the locks and the key inside, we tried  to see who could get the key out of the box first. It was sort of like escape the room. Clues were hung up on your team’s side of the room,or they were hidden, and you had to find different clues to figure out the code to the lock. Whoever could figure out all of the clues first, won the game. My team won! Overall it was a very fun experience and taught us many different things.  First it taught us to work together as a team, also it taught us persistence, because at some points we wanted to quit, but we didn´t and in the end we succeeded. It was very fun in the end.

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