once a pon a branch…

once a pon a time… there was a bird  named Jerry who got in trouble for getting covered in blue spray paint. So the rest of the flock decided to punish Jerry by making him hang from a branch upside down. Just like a bat. then the rest of the flock laughed and made fun of him. Jerry hung for a while then…    fell.    Jerry was so scared he thought he was going to die!  meanwhile… All the birds laughed only one bird ,Bob was scared for Jerry.  so bob took off and grabbed Jerry’s  wing and saved Jerry.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Review

v  OK, I just got zelda like 2 weeks ago its the best game ever! i’m going to share some things I like and don’t like about it feel free to comment about it below.

good things                                                                                                             bad things

1 there is more than one way you can solve a shrine puzzle.                          1 there are way too many guardians in hirule castle.

2 there are plenty of bonus chests in shrines.                                                    2 there are too many tough guardians around hirule castle.

3 on rock faces there is ore and stones you can break.                                    3  some of the memories are too sad.

4 there are bees nests and bird nests on trees and cliffs.                                 4 goats charge at you.

5 you can build a town called tarrey town where you can buy climbers      5 bokoblins charge at you

gear and barbarian armor.

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