Capstone #3

On Saturday, May 18, I went to a mansion in Tarrytown called Lyndhurst, and the mansion is 181 years old. The reason why I went there is because I wanted to see the designs inside the mansion when HGTV wasn’t a TV channel yet. When I went inside, I saw that there was a lot of wood furniture, couches that had vibrant colors, many chandeliers and bookshelves, detailed wallpaper, carpets, a lot of mirrors around the house, and many stained glass windows.

Now, homes have neutral colored walls, furniture, and carpets, potted plants, spacious rooms, not so detailed chandeliers, some mirrors in parts of the house (bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc), and marble floors, sinks, and countertops.

What I learned from this site visit is that modern and older homes are very different. The main difference between modern homes and older homes is that modern homes have basic designs and furniture, that have colors like beige, black, and white, while older homes have very detailed designs and furniture, that has colors not many people would use today, like vibrant, greens, yellows, blues, and reds. This site visit taught me a lot, and it showed me what designs looked like before HGTV was a TV channel.


Capstone #2

After a long time thinking about this, I have finally found my inquiry question. My question is ” How does HGTV impact interior design?”. I wanted to do this question because, one of the main reasons why I’m researching interior designing is because I really enjoy watching  HGTV.

Since I have a main inquiry question, I have sub questions. My sub questions are:

  • How does HGTV inspire homeowners?
  • How does HGTV affect interior designers?
  • How does HGTV influence different types of themes for houses? Types of themes: modern, country chic, open concept
  • How does HGTV affect the trends? Types of floors, wallpaper, colors, furniture
  • How does HGTV affect the different types of materials for furniture? Types of materials: wood, granite, marble, quartz

It was a little challenging to find the main inquiry question and the sub questions because I easily get stuck when I’m thinking about something. I’m so excited to continue this project!

Capstone #1

For my capstone topic, I’m going to research interior designing. I always got so interested in interior designing ever since I started watching HGTV.

The hardest part for me was actually thinking / brainstorming ideas. There were so many things I was interested in and wanted to learn more about, but I chose interior designing. The easiest part was choosing between my top two choices. I really wanted to focus on a topic that I’m passionate about, so I picked interior designing.

I’m so excited to continue this project and I hope my project goes well!

Passion Project #8

I have enjoyed this project so much, and it was such a great experience to have. The easiest part of working on this passion project was baking. The hardest part for me was editing. This was one of my favorite projects to work on because it allows you to do something you’ve always wanted to do before.

Passion Project #7

Yesterday, I have finished baking the blueberry lemon cream tarts. It wasn’t that hard once I started baking, but there was one challenge, which is getting the crust of the tart to have a really nice, hard shape. The crust was mostly made out of graham cracker crumbs, so it was hard to get a really good shape. If you put in a little, the crust will break instantly after you take it out of the tart pan, and if you put too much, the crust will be way too thick.

But, after I finished, it looked exactly like the picture on the website where I got the recipe. If you want to see the picture, click this link, Besides the look, it tasted really good. The taste was not what I expected at all, and I think I really impressed myself.

What I will be working on is the final video. I am so proud of what I baked, and this is a huge accomplishment in my baking!


Passion Project #6

So far, I think I’m in a pretty good place. I have been working on editing my final video, which is on WeVideo, and I just have to bake one more thing, which is the blueberry lemon cream tarts. I think the blueberry lemon cream tarts will be easier than I thought because I have grown so much as a baker and learned so many skills, and I think I won’t mess up on them.

Editing the video is a little hard and frustrating. Sometimes, I need to cut the video at a certain spot, and I always miss that certain spot, and I keep trying and trying, but I can’t get that spot. What I’m really worried about is the whole video getting deleted. But, that probably won’t happen.

I will definitely be baking the blueberry lemon cream tarts tomorrow. I have all the ingredients for the blueberry lemon cream tarts, except fresh blueberries. I am so excited to bake these and I really hope it goes well!

Passion Project #5

So far, I have written down some baking tips in my notebook, to help me bake blueberry lemon cream tarts. I got some tips from the website The tips that I wrote down are:

Tip #1: Always have the correct butter consistency

Tip #2: Room temperature is KEY

Tip #3: Read the recipe before beginning

Tip #4: Always have ingredients prepped

Tip #5: Learn how to measure

Tip #6: Weigh your ingredients

Tip #7: Get an oven thermometer

Tip #8: Keep your oven door closed

Here are some tips I made up from my experience:

Tip #1: Shake measuring tool – you’ll know if there’s space in the bottom of the measuring tool

Tip #2: Pound pan (muffin pan, cookie pan, etc) to get air bubbles out of the dough

Tip #3: DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN WHILE BAKING – whatever you’re baking will take longer to bake

I am so happy I found baking tips that will hopefully help me bake blueberry lemon cream tarts.



Passion Project #4

Yesterday I baked coconut macaroons. I was very nervous at the start, like always, but it turned out pretty good. I asked my family how it tasted and they said it was, “baked to perfection”.

I think the easiest part of baking coconut macaroons is measuring, because since I baked the blueberry muffins, I got really comfortable measuring all the ingredients. The hardest part of baking coconut macaroons is either mixing all of the ingredients together, or putting the dough onto the pan.

I thought it was hard to mix all of the ingredients, because the dough started to get really heavy because of the condensed milk and the coconut flakes. I thought putting the dough onto the pan was hard too, because I couldn’t just scoop the dough and dump it onto the pan, because that will give the dough an ugly shape, so I really had to press the dough onto the side of the bowl to get a nice shape. The coconut macaroons were so fun to make, and it helped me develop more as a baker.

Passion Project #3

The next dessert I will be focusing on is the coconut macaroon. For the coconut macaroons, I have the recipe, and I will buy the ingredients. I got the recipe from My mom has made this before, so I think I won’t have any trouble with baking this dessert.

What I learned from baking the blueberry muffins is that you won’t mess anything up if you follow the directions and the measurements.

The ingredients I will need to make coconut macaroons is:

  • 2/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 5  1/2 cups flaked coconut
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Semi sweet chocolate (melted)

I am so excited to start baking this, and use what I have learned from baking blueberry muffins.


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