Passion Project #4

Yesterday I baked coconut macaroons. I was very nervous at the start, like always, but it turned out pretty good. I asked my family how it tasted and they said it was, “baked to perfection”.

I think the easiest part of baking coconut macaroons is measuring, because since I baked the blueberry muffins, I got really comfortable measuring all the ingredients. The hardest part of baking coconut macaroons is either mixing all of the ingredients together, or putting the dough onto the pan.

I thought it was hard to mix all of the ingredients, because the dough started to get really heavy because of the condensed milk and the coconut flakes. I thought putting the dough onto the pan was hard too, because I couldn’t just scoop the dough and dump it onto the pan, because that will give the dough an ugly shape, so I really had to press the dough onto the side of the bowl to get a nice shape. The coconut macaroons were so fun to make, and it helped me develop more as a baker.

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