Tech #4 – Pendant Designing

In tech, we started working on our actual designs fro our pendants. Before we started making the pendants, we had to brainstorm designs on paper. The design that we chose is supposed to act as a guide. You make the design with metal wires by using a special type of tape and you stick it on top of your design. Next, you peel off the other side of the tape and stick the pendant onto it. Then, start making the design for you pendant.

For the pendant design, you get a metal wire and start shaping the wire so it eventually looks like the design you made. When you have the pieces of your design, you’re supposed to stick it on the tape where the inside of the pendant is. When the pendant is complete, you solder all the pieces together. I’m not up to that part yet, but I’m still on the designing part. This is really fun and I’m so excited to solder all of the pieces together.

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