A Mocking Voice

This is another of my personal narratives I would like to share.

My legs were hurting from all the hiking in the snow. The skis on my back felt heavier and heavier every step I took. My fingers were so cold it hurt to bend them. The wind was so strong I could feel it against my skin, even though I was wearing many layers. I wanted to turn around and go back; it was freezing. All around me there was a blanket of snow whipped by the wind. As I climbed I wondered, “Are we almost there?” My ski boots dug into the holes made by the climbers before me. Click here to read on.

2 thoughts on “A Mocking Voice

  1. Dear, Jonathan
    I thought your post was really descriptive. Especially in the first paragraph where you were describing the setting and how cold you were. One time I was in Colorado skiing and I got stuck in the snow because it was so soft. I was so cold and wanted more than anything to go back to the hotel. I was stuck there for 20 whole minutes! Have you ever been to Colorado? Was this a true story?
    Sincerely, Lev

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