Atomic Bombs

I have been studying atomic bombs and the affect they have on the human body and the environment for capstone.

When an atomic bomb is dropped it lets out energy and and an unbelievable amount of heat. The heat is so intense the anyone standing within a 8 km radius of where the bomb is dropped will receive 3rd degree burns all over they’re body. If someone were to survive the heat they would then have to survive the radiation that is also let out when an atomic bomb is detonated. The radiation increases the chances of cancer.

When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima at the end of world war ll about 80,000 people died instantaneously then about another 80,000 people died in the next week or so because of radiation sickness. The bomb resulted in about 180,000 deaths in total. This bomb was the equivalent of 21,000 thousand tons of TNT. The biggest bomb in the american arsenal of nuclear weapons is the B83 bomb it is equivalent of 1,000,000 tons of TNT. This bomb would do about 5 times as much damage as the Hiroshima bomb did.

The biggest atomic bomb ever detonated was the soviet union’s Tsar Bomba it was the equivalent of 50,000,000. The bomb was tested on a remote island north of Russia. At the downfall of the soviet union the bomb was decommissioned because many thought it could cause the downfall of humanity.

How an Atomic Bomb Works

On the outside of the bomb there is a hard shell made of metal. Right underneath the shell there is a layer of explosives under the explosives there is a pusher under the pusher there is either Plutonium or Uranium 235. When the explosives explode they push the pusher that’s surrounding the metal you’re using into the metal making it much smaller than it was. The metal will shrink until there there is no space for it to get any smaller. The atoms inside the metal start to fire into each other causing fission. The atoms start to break apart into two when fission occurs. When an atom splits in half huge amounts of energy form. When an atom splits in half the two pieces fire into other atoms causing more atoms to split. This is called a chain reaction. All these atoms splitting let’s out tremendous amounts of energy. Finally the bomb shell cracks and the explosion occurs. This whole process takes approximately 0.0000000000018 seconds.

Radiation is formed because the smaller atoms that were part of the bigger atoms are unstable which means they let of radiation. There are three different types of radiation Alpha particles, Beta particles, and Gamma rays. The most dangerous type of radiation is called Gamma rays this type of radiation can enter your DNA and it can cause leukemia cancer and other types of cancer.

]A mushroom cloud is formed when all the heat released out of the bomb rises up which causes the stem part of the mushroom form and then the top part of the mushroom is formed when the heat of the bomb hits cooler air up in the atmosphere which causes it to flatten out. 

If you would like to see an atomic bomb exploding click here.