We are learning to make an automaton. These automatons work by turning a crank and then something moving causing something else to move. I am making an automaton that is also a switch so I will turn a crank causing the light to turn on.


I now have my circuit, pipes, and holes in my pipes. Now I have to put the circuit in the pipes and put it all together. I had a little problem along the way; my wires were not long enough so to fix this problem I cut my pipes shorter to make it so my wires were long enough. At the end my flashlight worked perfectly.

Drill Pressing

Yesterday was my first time using a drill press the hardest part was getting the pipe in the perfect spot to drill the hole. Once the pipe was in the right spot, it was easy to drill a hole in it. It was really cool when the strands of pipe wrapped around drill and spun out everywhere.

Circuit Soldering

I have just finished soldering my circuit in my flashlight. It was easier than I expected it to be once I got the hang of it. First I had to cut all my wires for my circuit then I had to solder them to the lightbulb and  the switch and the battery.


I soldered for the first time, the hardest part of it was getting my arms on the body in the spot that I wanted with the third hands. The third hands kept on moving a little so the arms kept on moving out of the spot where I wanted them. It was really cool once I got the arms in the right place, I liked when I put the solder to the wire and then all the smoke came up.