My Buddy’s Story

Alex’s story is about the time he went to his friends house. He played video games and hide and seek. His writing is becoming more detailed and his handwriting is getting better. His story shows his friendship with his friend Slater. Alex says that this is his best story he has ever written. He is very happy about the final result he said he had a lot of fun at his friends house. His drawings in the story are also very detailed. Alex says that his favorite part of the story was, “When he played video games.” I can’t wait to read the rest of his story’s.

Buddy Art

All of my buddies art work is unique, colorful, and creative. It is unique because the kindergarteners are too young t00 be taught art styles so they do what they want. My buddy is just learning how to wright and he was able to make this great creation. This is why my buddy and his art work is amazing.

This is an example of his work.