My Trip to Aspen

Even though there wasn’t much snow this year I had a great time. The skiing was fine at the top of the mountain just not at the bottom. I had two great ski instructors and we had a lot of fun. The favorite run I went on is called Mushroom. It is a double black diamond in the middle of a forest. It was steep and bumpy.


I also went to wonderful restaurants I went to to my favorite one called Kenichi it is a Japanese restaurant. My grandparents bring my older brother and I every year.


My family always goes to Aspen for Christmas break to go skiing. My dad has been going to Aspen since he was ten years old so it’s a tradition. This year there is not a lot of snow it hasn’t been this bad for fifty shades years. On Saturday it snowed three inches, but then was still not enough. On Sunday night and Monday it snowed a foot. On Christmas the skiing was best because of all the new snow. It has been warm since and most of the snow is melting so the mountain is very icy.