A Mocking Voice

This is another of my personal narratives I would like to share.

My legs were hurting from all the hiking in the snow. The skis on my back felt heavier and heavier every step I took. My fingers were so cold it hurt to bend them. The wind was so strong I could feel it against my skin, even though I was wearing many layers. I wanted to turn around and go back; it was freezing. All around me there was a blanket of snow whipped by the wind. As I climbed I wondered, “Are we almost there?” My ski boots dug into the holes made by the climbers before me. Click here to read on.

Best in the World



I am from Aspen, Colorado where I bike and kayak in the summer and ski in the winter. Where my family goes every year. Aspen is where I’m from.


I am from my mom’s delicious pasta with meat sauce she makes for me every saturday. She makes it with meat tomatoes and other great thing. My mom’s meat sauce is where I’m from.


I’m from Paris where the streets are wide and free and where the food is the best in the world. Where my aunt, uncle and cousins live. Paris is where I’m from.


I’m from New York City with the bright broadway lights and the loud crazy drivers. Where the buildings tower over everyone and everything. New York City is where I’m from.


I’m from mountain biking in Colorado on the steep, windy, narrow paths. In the middle of the wilderness. Mountain biking is where I’m from.


I’m from Aspen, my mom’s pastas, New York City, and mountain biking. I am from all these places, but I’m mostly from the Browns and Faivres.  Mom and Dad.

It’s too Late now

This a recently published personal narrative I would like to share.

Everything was going smoothly, there was a small breeze on the river.  My brother Benjamin, my mom, a kayaking instructor, and I were having a nice day on the Colorado river kayaking. The instructor was leading the three of us, followed by me, then Benjamin my brother, and last my mother. There were a series of rocks up ahead of us sticking up out of the water; towering over us.

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