June 16

Deepest dive current event

Title:Americans explorer Victor Vescovo sets a new record for the deepest dive in history

Source: Dogonews

Article date:May 25 2019

Summary:Victor Vescovo has completed the “Explorers grand slam.”Normally that would be achieving enough but not for Victor Vescovo. He was the first man known to take a manned submersible to the deepest part point in the 5 oceans.On April 28 2019,he came a step closer to his goal when he went down 10,928 meters and in addition got the record for the deepest human dive. Back in 2012 James Cameron became the first person to go down to the challenger deep solo aboard the deep sea submersible and he went down 10,908 meters. Cameron’s record was later surpassed by Vescovo’s dive.Then later he became the first person to dive in the Sirena deep.

Personal response:I chose this article because I think it is interesting that he can dive so deep.I think he was brave to do something like that.

May 10

Eat bugs!!!

Title:Wish to save the world ?Eat bugs!

Source :dogo news

Artical date: February 21st 2019

Summary:Have you ever tried eating a bug ? There are 1.1 million bugs in the world and 1700 are edible.Among them are termites,ants,grasshoppers,crickets,grubs and earthworms.Each insect has a distinct taste.Termites taste tangy and minty,tree worms taste like pork,and sago grubs are similar to bacon.Bugs are also high on protein,very few calories and have no saturated fat found in animal meat.Bugs can also be used in lots of food like soup,crunchy treats,and stir fry.Meal worms are very healthy to.They have more fibre then broccoli,more vitamin b12 then eggs,and vitiman b5 for your skin.

Personal response : I chose this artical because I think it is interesting to learn about bugs and that people eat them.

April 2

Ice hotel current event

Source: dogo news

article date:December 21 2018

News type :World

Summary:In the North pole there is a hotel made all out of ice. It opens in December every year. The hotel was built and created on 1989 when there was an art show in an igloo and then some people wanted to stay in the igloo and that is how it started. To make it they used 1000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snice. It covers 5,500 square meters.

Personal response :I chose this article because I think it is cool that there is a hotel made of ice and I don’t just mean the temperature.

February 27

3D printing current event

Title:These Structures Take 3D Printing To A Whole New Level

Source:Dogo news   

Article date:September 22 2018   

News type:World  

Summary:You can make a house using a 3D  printer!!!!People have taken 3D printing to a whole new level.You can also make big art structures using a 3D printer to!!One of them is 24 feet tall and 42 feet wide!!The first barrack took 40 hours long to build.  

Personal response:I chose this article because I think it is cool you can make a house using a 3D printer.



February 5

Colonial America summary

The main idea is mostly about colonial america and what they did to survive.Native Americans had tribes.They hunted ,fished,and got lots of fruit.The southern colonies grew food and crops like tobacco,rice,and indigo but they mostly the slaves did all the work.The middle colonies had good farms and great harbors.The northern colonies had rich forests for timber.

February 5


 Jet lag essay   

I think that jet lag is really bad.My first reason is you can get sick.You can get a headache,you might cough a lot,or you might have a stuffy nose.When I was back from China.I was sick and Dad,Mom,and,I were up all night unpacking, settling down,and I was watching tv.I got to also watch lots of tv and it was great!! I even said”can I stay up a little longer”I pleaded.I liked watching tv but I did not like being sick.


My second reason that jet lag is bad is you don’t get that much rest when you come back from a trip and you are tired and jet laged.You might not be in a good mood or you might not be able to stay awake .My evidence is when I got back from China I not only was sick but I didn’t get any rest and I was up the whole night walking around the house with my parents all night doing nothing besides unpacking and settling down and watching tv.


My third reason is that you waste part of your trip with jet lag plus a few days of jet lag at home too.When we were home from China we took a week to recover from the twelve hour difference!! I was sick but I recovered.I think that jet lag is bad.It’s better to go to a place that is not as big of a time difference so don’t go to Asia a lot.If you live in New york go to anywhere in North america,South america, Europe,and maybe Africa.My message is don’t go to a place that has a huge hour difference all the time.


That is why jet lag is bad.

January 23

Lunar eclipse Current event

Title :The countdown to 21st century’s longest lunar eclipse has begun!

Source : Dogonews   

Article date :July 23rd 2018

News type : World

Flip grid 

Summary :On July 23rd the moon will turn into a red orb for 1 hour 42 minutes and 57 seconds! The shortest total lunar eclipse was only 4 minutes and 48 seconds! Total lunar eclipses happen when the Sun,Moon and Earth are in perfect alignment.The length of the total lunar eclipse is determined by how the moon is positioned when it passes Earth’s shadow.Also on July 27th Earth will be passing in between the Sun and Mars.Mars had been brightest since 2003.

Personal response:I chose this article because I think it is cool that the moon turns red.I also chose this article because I really like space.

January 10

The important thing about Henry Hudson

The important thing about Henry Hudson is that he is a


His goal was to find the North West passage and the North East passage.

On his first voyage he got blocked by ice.

He sailed in the Hudson River. The boat he sailed on was called the Half Moon.

He sailed 4 voyages and on the 4th voyage he sailed up a  river and the river was named after him The Hudson River.

Henry Hudson got left adrift on his boat nobody knows what happened or when he died.

But the important thing about Henry Hudson is that he was an explorer.

January 8

Hello world!

  Hello world

Hi l’m Jonathan I am in 4th grade.I am 9 and a half.I live in Scarsdale NY.


I live with my parents and I have a pet cat Star.When we we first got Star he bit and scratched us.Now he’s better.


I really like sports, more specific I like Golf,Tennis🎾,swimming, and skiing🎿.I play the Piano🎼 and the Cello🎼.I like to play one video game Mario kart 8 deluxe🎮.I also like to do bowling🎳.I also like to play prodigy on the computer.


I’m going to post stuff like my current events.Don’t forget to check my blog