Capstone #6: Working On My Final Product

Working on my final product was a great experience! This was definitely one of the best parts of Capstone! It was one of the best because I got to gather many images and videos to create an awesome iMovie! Putting together my business cards was also awesome because I got to design it myself. I also got to bring my family’s MacBook Air into school to create the iMovie. I made sure to balance out my research information and my interview information carefully. At the end I put in a clip of me playing golf. Making my final product was also awesome because I got to make many iterations of it, which was ok with me. As a result, my project turned out to be better than I thought it would be.

Final Capstone Blog Post: The Share

Yesterday, we had our moving up ceremony. After, we got to present our Capstone projects to our parents. I presented in the 5th grade wing. It was less crowded then I thought it would be. Only 4-6 people saw my movie. My family and some other people watched it. I only gave out about five of my thirty business cards. It wasn’t the best experience, but it wasn’t the worst. I still was proud of myself for finishing. My family was impressed. Working on it was still fun but I was disappointed with the crowd attendance. Next year, instead of the 5th grade wing as a presentation spot, it should be in the gym because it’s a bigger space and you could set up chairs in there easily. If I could do it again, I would do an ignite, which is a live presentation. I would like to thank Ms. Boyer, Bruce, my family, and Taj for making this all happen. Here’s my final product:

Capstone #5: Answering My Main Inquiry Question

Now as we came up a main question in the beginning of the project. We obviously had to answer it based on our research. As a matter of fact, my research is pretty much the answer to my question, except the real answer isn’t as detailed as my research. It just has to do with my research. So the question was: “How does a golfers swing influence the path and distance of the shot?” Well the answer to that question is: A golfer’s swing influences the path and distance of the shot by having good posture and alignment, power, and timing. These elements are key in a golf swing. Timing is important because if you have good timing, then you will hit the ball straight. Power makes the ball go farther and having good posture and alignment makes you hit the ball straight and comfortable hitting the shot.

Capstone #3 and #4: Interview and Site Visit

My interview was yesterday. It was AWESOME!! I interviewed the head pro at my golf club, named Bill. We talked about the Trackman, which is a launch monitor. Bill said that they use it for two things – 1. Club fitting, and 2. Teaching. These are all of the elements in the Trackman’s results:

  • Carry (How far the ball goes)
  • Club speed
  • Ball speed
  • Smash factor (Ball speed divided by club speed)
  • Launch angle (The angle that the ball takes off)
  • Spin rate
  • Club path (The in-to-out or out-to-in movement of the club face)
  • Face angle
  • Face to path (The difference between face angle and club path)
  • Attack angle (The angle that the club attacks the ball)

We had to write twenty questions for the interview. This was hard because I couldn’t think of any questions, but I finally came up with some good ones and organized them into categories. The categories were – About you, Strategies, and the Trackman. These were my interview questions:

       About you

  1. How long have you been working at Scarsdale Golf Club?
  2. What got you into golf?



  3. Can you give me an estimate on how many people have had problems with their golf swing at this golf club?
  4. Why is the angle that you attack the ball so important in a golf swing?
  5. What is the most common reason why people mess up their swing?
  6. What makes the ball go further in a swing?
  7. What is key to a golf swing if you want to hit it straight?
  8. Why is impact one of the most important elements in a golf swing?
  9. What is the best way to stretch before playing or practicing?
  10. Do you have to change your grip if you want to hit a draw or fade?
  11. What is the most important element in a golf swing?
  12. What happens when you swing with just your arms?
  13. What body part do you have to move the most in a golf swing?
  14. What is the best drill to do to improve your swing?
  15. What body part is the most important in a golf swing?
  16. Is the speed that you swing the club important in a swing?
  17.  How do you put backspin and topspin on the ball?

    The Trackman 

  18. Do you think the trackman is a useful tool to change a person’s swing?
  19. Can the trackman change your golf swing completely?
  20. How can I improve my swing?

Bill also told me that the Trackman can track a person’s swing for over 300 yards! That’s pretty awesome. The other GREAT thing about the Trackman is that you can use it inside if it’s raining, and outside if it’s nice weather. I think my interview was successful and Bill was the PERFECT guy to interview.

Site Visit

The site visit was just as good as the interview. I actually got to hit a couple of golf balls and Bill showed me the Trackman’s results. Bill also showed me the shaft and the club head separated. I got to hold the shaft and it was SO light! Then I held the club head. It was heavy compared to the shaft. The site visit was AWESOME!



Capstone: Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

For capstone, I decided to change my topic to golf. My main inquiry question is . . . “How does a golfer’s swing influence the path and distance of the shot?” So my topic is pretty much the science behind the golf swing. It was really hard to find a topic at first because my mind didn’t have any good ideas. Then one night in the car, my mom and I were talking about what topic I should do and I couldn’t think of any! Then the next night at dinner, my mom thought of this idea. I liked it, and I play golf, so we belong to a club.That’s were my site visit’s going to be. Here are some sub questions I was thinking about:

  • What makes the ball go left or right on a shot?
  • What else besides angle of attack makes the ball go further?
  • What is the most important element in a golf swing?
  • What makes a ball go straight in a golf swing?
  • Do different golf swings make different impacts on a golfer’s game?

We had to come up with 5-7 sub questions. In my opinion, I think these are good sub questions. But everybody needs improvement. I thank my family for helping me find sub questions that fit the topic.

Stop Motion Animation – Immigration Progress

My Immigration and stop motion group continued to film. We are still in the immigration unit and we have to have our videos done by next week. My group (Me, Chris, and Jack M.) only has 20 seconds. We are using a green screen which is easy to use because it’s all digital. Our topic is settling in America and our stop motion movie so far is really basic. We hope that it will look better when we put the backgrounds in. Our group made a lot of progress. We matched the script with the movie so that we can say the script calmly and relax. I think this was a good idea because we could finish the project sooner.

The next day, we continued. We made a lot of progress and filmed two more scenes. We thought it was really basic and I though we should’ve started again. But then I though again, I was not going to let my group down, so we kept on filming. This was a good decision because our video turned out to be awesome. Now we need to make an iMovie and add voice-overs and edit.


Capstone: Topics

Today we started the biggest project in the fifth grade, but also the most fun project in the fifth grade: CAPSTONE! I’m really excited but kind of nervous too. I’ve already decided that I’m going to present an iMovie to everyone about my research. I think this is a good option for me because I’m nervous to speak in front of many people. All of my topics are technology – based because a sports related option would be “an easy way out” because I love sports and I know a lot about sports. Here are some of my thoughts that may be broken up into smaller topics:

  • The Xbox – Different qualities of the Xbox, etc.
  • The computer – different types, brands, etc.
  • Cooking – My backup topic

Everyone is supposed to have a backup topic in case anything goes wrong. For homework, we have to fill out a curriculum wheel, where you have to put your topic in the middle and you put your sub topics around it. But this is just the beginning. I really want this to turn out well so I have to put a lot of effort into this, but it will be worth it!

Box Surface Area

I forgot to post about this but . . . a few weeks ago, we had an assignment. The question was: is the surface area of the net (box open) the same as the box? Well, my prediction was no. I calculated all the sides of the net and it turned out that the net had 13 sides. But I knew that the box only had six sides, but I calculated the box anyway, and I was CORRECT! The surface area of the net was 100.625 in. (100 5/8 in.) squared and the surface area of the box was 66.625 in. squared. Here’s the video!

Hope you enjoy! It’s funny at the end!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

A Fantastic Design Challenge!!! :)

On Monday, March 6th, someone from the D.A.E. (Digital Arts Experience) came in. We didn’t expect someone to come in to do this design challenge, but it turned out to be AMAZING! We designed prototypes for a perfect classroom. It was really cool because we got to display it in our wing and everybody could walk around and observe. We could work up to groups of four. The building time went so fast and we were having a blast. Another great thing is that Mrs. Cooper’s class joined us, so we had lots of displays out in the hallway. Ella and I designed a pod that had a chair and a whiteboard with markers plus draws to keep all of your stuff. The chair in the design was a bouncy ball on wheels with a bean bag back and footrest. (P.S. – Ella is my neighbor, so we work well together) THIS DESIGN CHALLENGE WAS THE BEST EVER!!!!!! Thank you Mrs. Boyer for organizing this.

I hope the next design challenge is like this one!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀