Jacob’s Tynker Project

I just finished coding my About Me Tynker project. I used a lot of different code blocks but the one I used the most was the say something block. I found it very useful because I could have my actor saying stuff.

I only used two actors because I felt that I didn’t need any more. Those two actors were Boy 12 and Jet. I used  boy 12 because I felt he looked like me. I used the Jet actor because I wanted a bit more going on in my project.

My project tells about me because it says what some of my hobbies are, how many members I have in my family, and where I am from.

I mostly used code blocks that weren’t introduced in programming 201 because I am still early in in the course so I don’t really have a lot of code blocks to choose from. What I did incorporate from programming 201 was how to change the background and how to add actors.

Computer Science is Changing Everything

What stood out to me in the video Computer Science  is Changing Everything was when Vida was talking about the  sequencer. I found this very interesting because just think of being able to know what sickness you have by just spitting into a cup.

It got me thinking about how the future of our society will look. We won’t have to go to a doctor to see what sickness we have because there will probably be a sequencer at home or in local pharmacies.

It also shows how far computer science has come and how far it can go. You don’t have to be a genius to program. All you need is an idea.


Dust Buddies


Not many characters are brave but in the short film “Dust Buddies” the main character


is extremely brave!


For example he shows bravery when he unplugs the plug to buy him some time to

rescue his friends because they got sucked up by the vacuum.


In the middle of the film he also shows he is brave when he goes into the vacuum to save his friends that got sucked up by the maid. He screams “NOOOOOOOO” when he sees his friends scattered into pieces but he still wants to save them.


In the end he shows bravery when he goes to try to fight the evil made who sucked up his friends and also who almost sucked him up. He ties the made up and sucks her in to to the vacuum and then throws the vacuum out the door!


This is important because the author wanted us to know that the main character is brave!


Maglev Train


                          Maglev Train

By Jacob Farquhar


Maglevs trains are trains what float! You may be saying this is magic but it isn’t. A maglev train is a train that levitates above the track. The use of a maglev train is to get to places faster. A maglev train works with magnets. WHen the magnets are faced north and north or south and south they repel and that makes a maglev train float. You may think that the magnets are too small but if you use thousands of them well it will work. We did a project at school and were divided into groups.A maglev train can go really really fast. It could go more than four hundred km! A maglev train is designed to be the fastest train in the world.


Our idea for our maglev train was to have four strip magnets on the track and nine ring magnets on the train. We used tape also so we could tape the magnets to the track or the train. We had a box which had the track in it.

Our idea for our maglev train was to have four strip magnets on the track and nine ring magnets on the train. We used tape also so we could tape the magnets to the track or the train. We had a box which had the track in it. We got the track down the right way. We put two layers of strip magnets on the track and it kept flipping round. It was annoying our group. Wemhad me hold it down but then we couldn’t get it on so I held it a different way and we got it on. We also got the ring magnets ready for our train. We didn’t have enough time to attached them though. To accomplish this we used the Engineer Design Process. The Engineer Design Process is made up of five tasks,Create,Ask,Improve,Imagine and Plan.    

We had a bad fail today. We started putting the ring magnets on the train and we got it on. We were so proud that we finished our project. We tested it out and the ring magnet so heavy that the tape couldn’t hold it! We wondered why this happened. Then Mrs. Winders said we could try strip magnets. We tried strip magnets and once we got the strip magnets on the train we hoped it worked. We didn’t have enough time to try it so we were left on a cliff hanger. The next day we got to test it, and it worked!

Did project was fun and I learned a lot. I learned that the Engineer Design Process is very important and every engineer uses it. I learned it is made up of the five tasks,Ask,Create,Plan,Improve and Imagine.  I learned that working with a group is probably one of the best things to work with. I also learned if you ever need help, your group has your back. I learned that maglev trains are a piece of great technology and they are one of the most useful vehicles. I hope you learned a lot from this book.