Constitution Project

In class we are working on our Constitution Project.  For this project, we rolled a dice to see what our topic is. I rolled the dice, and for my topic, I got technology. All of the topics revolve around the Constitutional Era. So, this means I have to do my project about what technology they had at the time. We also rolled another dice to see what the project form would be, like maybe an iMovie, or a wevideo, or Explain Everything, and a few more. When I rolled, i got social media. This means I could do something revolving around social media. At first everyone wanted to trade with me because they loved what I got, but I said no. Social media means      I could do something like a fake twitter post, of fake texting, or something like snapchat or instagram. I chose fake twitter posts. Also because I got technology, I asked Ms. Boyer (teacher) if I could also design something.  I chose to build a different version of Ben Franklin’s library chair. So far I got the overall chair built, but now I got to turn that chair into a library chair. His original version was made as a chair that could be folded into a step ladder , because some people were not that tall and you would need a step ladder to reach some of the shelves.

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