Wonder (social issues post)

In Wonder by R.J. Palacio, Auggie has many challenges he faces. Since he has a facial deformity, people talk about him behind his back, are afraid of him, and say mean things about him. This has affected him because in the story, whenever he came through, people would back away because of how he looked. No one sat next to him or came near him. If someone touched him, they had the “plague”. The reason no one sat next to him or came near him is because they didn’t like how he looked and they thought he looked ugly. On Halloween Auggie wore this costume that covered up his face. Since he was covering up his face, no one knew who he was. This led to people talking about him behind his back and people not know ing where or who he was.  Auggie did not have many friends and because he had a deformed face people assumed he was not smart.  But he was the opposite. His mom home schooled him because she wanted to protect him from people that would hurt him because of how he looked. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for Auggie.

Auggie is often alone. In school, people whisper things behind Auggie’s back. This makes him regret going to school. Bullies like Jullian, think that he is not smart and is ugly. Auggie’s friends get bullied as well for likeing Auggie. Auggie gets judged, but the people who are his friends, stand up for him. Auggie is lucky to have them. Even though Auggie has real friends, he believes that the principal, Mr. Tushman has asigned friends to him. I think that Auggie thonks this because you never know who you can trust, or if someone is your real friend. Jack and Summer have proven to Auggie that they are true friends. When Auggie is at school, he is brave, shy, and kind. He is also very, very smart. He is really good at science. At home, Auggie is kind, but also very angry or sad becauese of how the bullies have treated him in school. His mom keeps on telling him that he is not ugly, but sometimes he believes that he is ugly. His dad has a good sense of humor when needed and can cheer Auggie up. But Auggie’s sister Via (Olivia) knows just how to get him up and happy again. On Halloween, Auggie was really upset, but Via got him to go trick or treating anyways.

Auggie is really lucky to have great friends and family who cares about him so much no matter what or how he looks like. I think Auggie would be a great fiend to have.

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