Capstone #2 (making sub questions)

This was actually not that challenging for me. This was an open ended question so I had many options.  My sub questions are:

1: What makes Aruba the safest Caribbean Island?

2: What are some popular places that tourists visit?

3: What are some current events on Aruba right now?

4: Have there ever beed any extreme weather situations on Aruba?

5: Why do people call Aruba “Paradise”?

6: What are some of Aruban  traditions?

These questions were off of my head because there are so many unique things about Aruba and these questions can help me find out what some of those unique features are. I would like to know more about Aruba and my goal for capstone is to teach others about Aruba. Aruba is a place with many cultures, so I think that I’m going to get a lot of information on it. I’m pretty confident on my sub questions.

The one sub question I’m not confident about is number 5. I am hoping to get information on Aruba’s beauty.

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