Capstone #3 My 1st Interview

Yesterday I had an interview for capstone. I did it with my grandparents because they know many Many MANY things about Aruba, since they have been going there for over 20 YEARS!!!!!!! They told me a lot of information which was very useful for my research. I learned a lot about the weather there, like how it rains only 15 to 20 inches a year in Aruba! That was BIG news to me! I also learned that  That some hotels were not that nice about 35 years ago but now the hotels are really nice, and they feel like home. I learned that the people are rally nice, and they speak many different languages fluently, and that they are easy to make friends with, in fact my grandmother and grandfather have met people from Aruba and are still friends with them now! They meet up with them every time they go to Aruba.

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