Graphic Novels

Graphic novels was a long journey. I think that being able to read graphic novels is a skill because you have to figure out the flow of the story, read the dialogue and pictures at the same time, and taking in all the details. There are many things you need to do to read graphic novels. Writing your own graphic novel is a different story. Knowing my story, or coming up with one was not that hard. I had many ideas and it was actually hard to choose which idea I would use. I picked a soccer story because soccer is my favorite thing to do. I thought this was really fun because you make up your own characters, names, story, pictures, animals, and more! This required a lot of creativity. We really had to think outside of the box.My main character was Lucy, and the mean girl in my story was Paige, which was really funny because those are 2 girls on my soccer team! Coloring in the picture took a while because there was so much detail. We have been having classes about Mr. DeBerry, and he has been helping us write our graphic novels and help us notice more in our graphic novels.I am really proud of my final creation, after drafting, it looks great! 😀

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