Capstone #5 (Answering My main question)

My main question ¨What is unique about Aruba among other Caribbean islands and how have those aspects attracted tourists there?¨, has really morphed into ¨What is unique about Aruba and why do many people go there¨. It is kind of the same but also a little different. Before I was comparing Aruba to other Caribbean islands but now I am saying WHY they go and what is so great about Aruba. This question has many, many, many, MANY answers to it. But since all this information had to fit into a slide show, I cut some out.  My search terms did not work that much.  The only one that really worked well was the Aruban traditions for kids. This one worked really well. An easy search term that did work was What is unique about Aruba. Another good search term I found along the way was popular places in Aruba.This worked and I got the names of places that are a reason people visit Aruba. Most of the results I got were true and helpful but I kept getting repeats of information I learned already. This is how I knew I finished answering my main question. I could not find any more information I did not already learn.

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