Hi!! I’m Jerry. Today I am going to talk about

Christmas.I celebrate Christmas. Usually, I decorate the tree on the 18th of December. Its fun decorating the tree. Each year dinner, is new. I love Christmas. Getting the presents is the best. You never know what they are.

There are only 4 days ’till Christmas!! My tradition is that each year on Christmas, my mom makes one of my favorite food. Each Christmas I fall asleep early hoping morning will come.

For some reason, I don’t really believe in Santa. Once, I found presents in the attic for Christmas. My mom talks weird when I mention Santa. Still,  no matter what, CHRISTMAS IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!




Hi guys!! It’s me, Jerry. A ecosystem is a environment where living and non-living things interact. Types of living things are producers, consumers, and decomposers. Producers are plants. The sun gives energy to the sun. They make their own food. Consumers eat something else because they can’t make food. Decomposers decompose dead things.

My food web is a marine web.

Hello World

Hi!! I’m Jerry. I’m in 4th grade. I like playing video games. My favorite food is noodles. When I get home, I do my homework( if there is homework). My favorite sport is tennis. My birthday is in the summer. My favorite seasons are winter, and fall.

My favorite places to go on vacation are Jamaica, Costa Rica, Caiman Island, and China. I like going on vacation because sometimes, I get to drink coke!! My mom makes the best trips with me.

I have no brothers or sisters. My mom and dad live with me. My grandma, and grandpa live with me, too. Soon they’ll leave though.My family in China makes the best foods in the world!! Their food tastes the best!! That’s it!! Have a good day!!

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