Working with Mr. DeBerry

Hi guys!! I’m back here talking to you after New Year!! I’m going to talk about working.

One time Mr. DeBerry came is when we did a song and noticed what the words meant. The song was “Let it Go”. Boys didn’t like it but it was actually pretty interesting.


The next time we worked with him was when my class did a reading assignment. I didn’t do it though. I was still new to Fox Meadow. I was helping people check the papers if they were Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4. It was fun for me because I didn’t do it.


What I liked about all the projects is that we all worked together. My group really cooperated well. I think our weather project went well. That’s how I think we did a good job. I think Mr. DeBerry helped us get better at writing stuff. We did a good job. I wonder what we are doing next project.


In our class we did a fire ants and killer bees project. It was an article about killer bees and fire ants. We had to answer questions from the article. It had four questions. I think it was another reading assignment. It took a very long time for me. It was my first reading assignment. But, I hope I did pretty well. The assignment scores haven’t came yet though. We did weather projects on our Chromebooks. We needed text feature and other stuff. Soon, we presented. I think we did good. I liked it.


There were lots of things and they were super hard. They all took a long time to write. Some activities were fun, some were kind of fun, and some I didn’t like that much. The fun ones are usually the group ones so we could all work with each other. All of us could help someone that needs help. There were some group ones. They were pretty fun for me. Soon,we might have one later today!! I get nervous when my group has to present or I have to present. But, it always ends well for me.


I think we need to work on teamwork and helping each other. A lot of people start arguing over something. It’s no big deal when someone accidentally deletes your slide. You can always just fix it again. We need to work on some things. You need a lot of teamwork in order to finish your task.


There are a lot of things we all need to work on like teamwork, cooperating, and a bunch of other stuff. There has to be more stuff we all need to work on. There are a lot of challenges and I think Mr. DeBerry is teaching us basic stuff. We have a lot to work on. There are going to be harder challenges in the future.  We are going to learn more stuff soon. I wonder what it’s to be.


Next I am going to talk about what Mr. DeBerry taught us. There are a lot of text structures and we sometimes we have to do summaries. Kind of like the current events in our class. Mr. DeBerry is going to teach us a lot more stuff until June. There are going to be lots of stuff for us to learn.


I can’t wait for us to finish with writing.Writing is important. I like to write on the Chromebook more than on a notebook. Writing on notebooks hurt my hand a lot. There is usually a lot of noise so I kind of get distracted. I have to rest my hand for a while.


The writing is tiring but sometimes it is pretty fun. I want to be a good writer when I grow up. Sometimes when I write on a notebook I get bored. Writing on Chromebooks are easier to me because you only need your fingers to do the work. Not your whole wrist. Writing is okay to me sometimes like when there is a not fun at all subject. Sometimes we write in Spanish ( like right now) !!  

I learned that you have to use different text and you need to make your structures and you have to make your lead interesting for someone to read your story. Writing more makes you better. Writing is important. I also learned that you need to write to get good grades. That’s why I think writing is important. Sometimes we need spark questions. Those are like your main question. So this is my project.Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Your post is amazing! It is long and bold. I understand that u didn’t write a lot about the lessons because u where not here the whole time.

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