Friend Essay

I had a good friend in Greenacres. My friend and I have a lot of differences, but we also have some similarities. For example, we both like to play with each other, we both like to play sports, and we both cheer who is sad up. We were always kind to each other. Here are the similarities:

The first similarity my friend and I have in common is that we like to play with each other. One example is, when I was still in 3rd grade, we used to call each other if we could play at the park. Our parents always let us since they thought it was like exercise. We had a lot of fun playing together. We had to start at about 7:00 and we had to end at 8:00. But between those times, we had lots of fun at the park. That was the first similarity.

The second similarity my friend and I have in common is we both like to play sports. We usually play basketball at recess together, we play football rarely, and we do some other sports. He was better than me by a little but still, he played fair. When we played basketball, he played by the rules. My friend and I used to play some sports together. That is our second similarity.

Our last similarity is that we both cheer up each other if one of us is sad. One time he cheered me up is when someone was playing unfair so I left. My friend followed me to cheer me up. One time I cheered him up is when my group of friends were playing basketball with us, someone started being mean to my friend. He went to the field. I followed him to cheer him up. That is our final similarity.

My friend and I are kind to each other, fair to each other, and we have some similarities. He was always kind to me. I hope that I could see him another day. He was one of my best friends ever since I moved. I hope I see him again.

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  1. This sounds like a great friend to have! I have a great friend, too! I met her when I was young and we are still friends. I am sue you will be friends a long time.

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