My Colonial Green Screen

3 Thoughts.

  1. Dear Jerry,
    I loved how much interesting information you gathered. Your speech was great. The farmer must me a hardworking job. I like how you didn’t say 3 o clock you said 3 o clock AM. Same with 6 o clock you said 6 o clock PM. You also said all the crops the farmer would grow and you told what the farmer’s son or daughter would. Great job Jerry👍 .

  2. Dear Jerry,

    You did a great job explaining want a farmer would do. You are a great farmer (better than I would be.) You explained about everything you would need to now about being a farmer. If there were people who needed food would you give it to them? Like a human store? If they wanted your food would you trade with them? Where did you get the stuff you needed to farm with? weren’t all the families in colonial times farmers? You did a great job Jerry!

    – Heather

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