My Fourth Grade Year

Fourth grade was a pretty good year. There were many challenges in this year, including when I moved here. I was nervous at first but then I made friends. Everybody was nice and kind to me. Then, I got used to Fox Meadow. Everybody was so nice to me on the first day of school. They helped me on everything.


One off the most challenging tests was the New York State Test. Luckily, my teacher, Mrs. Assatly had made us prepare. We also had math tests and Wordly Wise tests. Fourth grade was a very challenging and fun year. I met a lot of friends along the way. I had help from my new friends and my teacher. Mrs. Assatly drilled us with hard tests and it was worth it because the State Tests and the Star assessments were almost the same as the tests she made us do.


I hope I will see them again someday. Everybody showed me how everything worked on my first day of school. I will miss everybody in my class since they were so kind to me. I hope that everybody will act the same in fifth grade.  


Thank you for helping me!!! See you next year!!

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