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The Night Of Terror

By: Jackie Kershner


It was Halloween and I, Bella, was going to prove to  my twin brother Jack that he was a scaredy cat. I know it sounds wrong, but with what happened last year, it’s time get revenge! I was going to get that boy back and if I wanted to, I would have to be on my own team and believe in myself.


My first best friend’s name is Jenny, my other best friend’s name is Caroline! All my friends kept on telling me that it was a bad idea, and to forget it, but I couldn’t. I wanted to prove to my brother that he was a scaredy cat. “Bella, if something happens, you can’t blame it on me,” says Jenny. “I know. Stop it. It will be fun! I’m so excited,” screams Bella. Jenny was going to be trick or treating with them, and Caroline was still not there. The two of them started putting on their costumes when the doorbell rang!  “I’ll get the door,” screamed Bella and Jenny. They went running  to the door. It was Caroline! “Bella, Jenny Caroline, it’s time to go trick or treating, and Jack will be coming with us,” said Bella’s mom. “No,” yelled Bella. She did not want to get embarrassed by her brother, even in front of her two best friends. Her brother somehow always caused trouble.

When the four of them left the house it was dark and scary. There were so many people out. They went to lots of houses, and Bella didn’t know which one was perfect to scare her brother. Then finally, they came to it. It had the most scary yard Bella had ever seen. There were dead bodies bobbing up out of nowhere.


“ Let’s go to this house, it looks scary. Maybe we will get a lot of candy,” Bella said. “I don’t know how good of an idea this is,” said her Mom. “I want to go to this house,” screamed Jack. This was the perfect time to do her plan. Bella winked at her friends. She could tell that they were really scared, but Bella didn’t care. This was about her, not them. As they walked up the walkway, it got scarier and and scarier. “I’ll ring the doorbell,” called Bella, and she did. “Ding Dong,” rang the bell.  “Ding Dong.” Bella rang it again. “I don’t think anybody is home. We should try to get a few more houses, it’s getting late,” said Bella’s mom.


They waited one more minute and then someone came out of the door. He was wearing all black and he had a mean hat.  His hat said, Zachary. Bella was guessing that that was his name. Bella was so lost in thought that  she didn’t notice that the man was chasing her. She ran. “Help! Help! I’m getting chased! Somebody help,” she cried.

Finally the man ran right back into his house, not giving the four kids candy. Bella started running home on her own now, she was terrified! “Bella, wait, slow down. He was just trying to be funny,” screamed her Mom. But she didn’t, she was too fast. When she got home, she ran right to her room. She knew that the man was trying to be funny. It was Halloween. Why else would he scare her?


“We should probably go home,” said Bella’s two friends.  “Hey Bella, look who’s the scaredy cat now?” “I know I am. I’m really sorry now. I know that we are both scaredy cats!” said Bella. “Bella, are you ok,” said Bella’s mom. “Yes, I’m fine,” Bella said. “Then let’s have some popcorn and watch a scary movie,” said Bella’s mom, and they did. It was the best Halloween ever, and now Bella knew that she should treat people how she would hope they would treat her!

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