My Poems

Hate That Homework

Boring, and boring, and boringer

It stinks and takes up my time

Brain is whooshing with things that wouldn’t have to be there

If homework

Was saved


So much depends upon…..


So much depends upon

An orange basketball

Soaring through the sky

Beside the hoop


Love That Cat

The orange tabby cat is all mine

His tail wagging and his feet tapping and tapping and tapping

He jumps to a start when he sees me

Meows, and meows, and meows

Away he goes

Never into the starry night

Because I love that cat

And I’m never going to risk his life

I’m never going to risk

My cat’s life


Airplane Taking Off

Zoom Zoom

Up and away into the air

Slowly stiffly up people go

Flying, crying away they go bumpy, thumpy everyone’s feeling

Lumpy,frumpy, grumpy

Everyone’s together hearing the munching of food

And gum

As we settle in the air we

Slowly,slowly jump to stand

Everyone is quiet

Even the laundry man

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