News Report #1 – Glorious Ghosting


It was Monday, October 15th when Heathcote Elementary was overwhelmed when the 5th grade rushed over and around the school and  started grilling them with questions. No one was expecting these questions. “Did you boo me?” “What car do you have?” “Did you get ghosted?” Everybody answered all of the 5th graders concerns and they were buying it. We told them all of us had no idea what they were talking about. “ I was feeling anxious because I didn’t know if it was one of my friends or my brother friends, I was also scared that if I opened the door the boo-er was still at my house hiding.”  Lilly Tessler a victim of booing quotes. Lilly and friends were determined to find the unidentified ghoster.

Aviv Brav quotes, “Ghosting and getting ghosted are the same type of fun because it’s fun when you get ghosted because you get candy, but on the other hand it’s fun to see your friends reactions.” Heathcote Elementary still filled with mysterious questions, the day starts lingering away. As the day falls, people start questioning friends, best friends, and even people they barely know, nobody trusts a single soul. As halloween starts to draw closer no one has a clue who the secretive, sly candy-giver was/is.


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