Final Rocketry Reflection

As we built, designed, reflected, launched, and collaborated, I learned a couple things that I hope will help me in future challenges or situations. For example, I learned that if you put hard work and determination into anything your work is pretty much guaranteed to pay off. Also, I learned to always put the group first not yourself. Because when you are a good group member and contributing to the group you will be the most productive and your group will be the best it could be. And I learned how fun it is to build a paper rocket.

Three launches was a good decision in my opinion because if you fail your first rocket, your rocket has a high chance to succeed in the other launches. Once you fail on one of the earlier launches you can change your design/plan around to make your results better which is important because it makes everyone feel like they had a equal amount of opportunities or successes/fails.

I learned that in a group I can be a strong, independent member who leads the team on the right foot. I could help people when they needed it or give them space to work it out by themselves, I think that is a good quality of a group member. But, when we had arguments I think maybe I could have realized what we were arguing about was foolish of us. Maybe I could of helped resolve the arguments quicker. I learned working in a group is a better choice for me because the whole group can work, learn helpful lessons, and learn to collaborate. Which is a better choice because everyone in the group also does a lot of work and is focused, and has the right mindset.

This will impact me in the future because it has taught me major lessons which could face my future challenges. It has also taught me to be more focused and about teamwork. It has taught me not to have silly arguments or get distracted. This will help me in other group projects including a couple of team members. It will help me respect my fellow peers and work hard until we achieve our group goal.

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