Rube Goldberg Project #3 – Finalizing Our Sketch

As we committed to one simple task our emotions were a flurry in our mind. Will this work? Will we be so stressed out? Will this have a happy ending? We sketched and researched and thought this isn’t so hard. We thought about making our sketch great. Then everything changed and seemed to work out perfectly. With our well drawn, labelled, and colored sketch we were in perfect shape.

Our sketch was clear and ready to be used. All we had left to do now was build. Building the favorite part for most of the Rube Goldberg alumni. This is what we had been waiting for this whole time. From making our sketch the best it could be, Lilly and I were psyched for the building process!

Rube Goldberg Project #2 – Sketching

As we sketched, we thought, “how much easier can this project be?” Until we found out shocking news. Our pouring water or juice contraption wouldn’t work. It was too easy and yet to hard at the same time. As we thought of new ideas like squeezing toothpaste onto a toothbrush, and knocking down pins. We tried to sketch which we thought was the easiest part. We were disturbed by this income. Lilly and I could not figure out how to sketch this difficult thing. Step one would feature a inclined plane and a marble. Step two would feature dominoes and string. Step three is where it all went down hill. How could the high point of our project would drop to a low point so easily? How could our thought, “how easy could this be?” turn to “how hard could this be?” We were flabbergasted by how sketching could be so hard. As we struggled and researched non stop and called for help we never lost hope which made us succeed more. Which taught us how mistakes make our life’s better. Even through all of the agony we still made our failure into a life lesson.

Rube Goldberg Project #1 – Thinking of Ideas

We recently found out we were going to do a project that caused a chain reaction and performed a simple task. From what I heard from my brother and 5th grade alumni that it was going to the peak of science. As I watched my brother 4 years ago I was fascinated at how much thought was put into it, using several different items you would find sitting around your house. As I watched my brother and friends fail and succeed I thought, “Wow I can’t wait to be in fifth grade!” Me and my friend, Lilly had the same reaction at this point. As we digitally face-timed day and night and sketched we were amazed at how many things you could put into this project that seemed logical.

We thought of many creative ideas like:

  • Squeezing a orange and making juice
  • Pouring cereal and milk into a bowl
  • Pouring juice into a cup
  • Squeezing toothpaste on a toothbrush
  • Assembling a hamburger
  • Opening a umbrella
  • Turning off a alarm clock
  • Applying a band aid

We finally chose squeezing a orange which we thought was the most creative and logical. Then it was time to sketch. As we sketched, we realize both of our sketches would never work with our idea. It seemed too easy. Of course something went wrong. Our idea to squeeze a orange was way to complicated. As we figured out, pouring cereal or juice would be the better choice. We never gave up on our ideas which made our work pay off. This quote we think represents our work best. This quote gave us the push we needed to work harder and to be devoted towards all your work. “Failure is part of the process to success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.”

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