Rube Goldberg Project #2 – Sketching

As we sketched, we thought, “how much easier can this project be?” Until we found out shocking news. Our pouring water or juice contraption wouldn’t work. It was too easy and yet to hard at the same time. As we thought of new ideas like squeezing toothpaste onto a toothbrush, and knocking down pins. We tried to sketch which we thought was the easiest part. We were disturbed by this income. Lilly and I could not figure out how to sketch this difficult thing. Step one would feature a inclined plane and a marble. Step two would feature dominoes and string. Step three is where it all went down hill. How could the high point of our project would drop to a low point so easily? How could our thought, “how easy could this be?” turn to “how hard could this be?” We were flabbergasted by how sketching could be so hard. As we struggled and researched non stop and called for help we never lost hope which made us succeed more. Which taught us how mistakes make our life’s better. Even through all of the agony we still made our failure into a life lesson.

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