Rube Goldberg Project #4 – Starting To Build

The time had finally came, we started to build our simple task-maker machine! Lilly and I were so excited to be finally start building after the million tries it took to draw our sketch. We are halfway done building which is also very exciting. When we started to build it was easy. Until…

This is our fail, our millionth fail.

This is how our machine works. Rube goldberg calls us, when he calls us the phone vibrates/shimmies down a inclined plane when the phone stops, it hits into a couple books that are being raised up by cds. After, the books hit a marble and slides down another ramp. Which hits into dominoes. Then the dominoes hits a hard but light ball at the same time. Then the ball activates the books that hit the soccer ball down one final ramp and hits down all 6 pins. STRIKE!!!!!


One video that inspired me was I loved this video. Sprice really taught me the correct way to “rube goldberg”. I think Sprice’s idea was really complex. But still taught me all of the basics. Other videos were also equally as helpful or maybe a little less.


I have learned that rube goldberg is really harder than I have expected. And that if you fail don’t give up keep, keep trying and you will succeed I hope that is the case for us. These challenges have cost me time but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying.

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